Change Making

Wise Words-James Crawford

Wisdom From The Elders

This is a topic that must be pay attention to because we tend to take advice and jewels from those that manifest before us for granted. When one take time out their day to sit with a elder from family members men or women, to elders one know and absorb the knowledge that’s express through their wisdom (things they experience) should be cherish and honor. When the youth humble themselves enough to become a student then one third eye will be open (mind) to new things also this will be closing the gap between generations. See when the youth abstract the knowledge then they can cross over the bridge to wisdom which is the application of knowledge the result will be a understanding so they can view things from a clear picture to see that understanding is the highest form of love. With that being mentioned when elders share there knowledge ,and wisdom it only birth a understanding which is their love for that individual.

Self Examination And Self Growth

Self examination should be put into practice on a daily basis because it’s best to view ourselves in any situation rather it’s a positive or negative situation. When one use self examination a person can make better decisions, which lead up to a person changing things in their life, it’s another form to get to know self more deeper that’s apart of redefineing yourself so you can be a stronger you, most of the time we are scared to self examine the things we know or need to know because the lack of studying or willing to learn due to no discipline well as a pluted perception.

Self Examination will give you answers to certain ways and actions that you maybe questioning yourself about, self examination will bring about structure to ones life. Without first self examining yourself your aim and purpose won’t have the full potential. Self Growth, most of the time we be the main source to hindering ourselves, if there is no growth then stagnation exist and if one is stagnated then that person is stuck in position (complacent) with that decay start and eventually death arrive mentally. Self growth can not happen if one have not change his or her perception which is molded by thought because those two things is what make up one reality but a mind state without change is dead. When self growth is accomplished self determination will be the reward.

Self growth start internally then the external follows just like the mental is the engine and the physical is the vehicle that represent once thoughts. These two forms of thinking are very important to ones shaping and molding themselves into a successful person to me you need both to get ahead in life. To me self examination, and self growth are synonymous to each other because the act of process, and progress if one look close in self examination self growth is present at the end of the day each one are dealing with a mental process. To end my build take this, when one change their thought, their perception will change, only then will one reality change.

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