Black Lives Matter

BLACK LIVES MATTER: Oh Really?-Jerry Riley

How many times has it been said before? Black Lives Matter. Are we stating the obvious? Of course all lives matter, to someone, somewhere, at some moment in time, right?

Or is it only when the death of a Black Man or Woman catches the Headline; I Can’t Breathe; do the public authorities have to carry out an extreme, likened to Mike Brown laying in the street for hours after he was murdered, or a cop kneeling casually with his sunglasses propped on top of his head and his hands in his pocket as he chokes the life out of another “suspect” at his own leisure?

Do Black Lives only Matter when they can be exploited by corporate media as a catalous to “Get out and Vote”? Did Black Lives Matter when Trayvon Martin was murdered for walking while Black? Wasn’t Barack Obama the President? So who were we supposed to “Get Out and Vote” for then? Did our “Vote” suddenly make George Floyd’s Black Life Matter?

Do Black Lives Matter when the life is that of an unknown victim? When my sister mysteriously disappears, when my mother’s house is foreclosed because of “Blacksploitation” from predatory Banksters, or when my city’s educational system is only graduating 20% of Black Males? Does Black Life Matter when there is no catchy hashtag to tweet, like #teensstilldolife! or #bidensomnibussupport or #90ssupperpreditors?

Does anybody really think Black Lives Matter when Geo Group, Corrections, Corporation of America, JPay, and Global Tel Inc, monopolize Prison Profiteering, and capitalize off of the suffering Black Lives we so self righteously profess “Matter” to us. Do Black Lives Matter when Prison is the #1 Industry in the Automoble State of Michigan? Who disproportionately fills those for-profit prisons? Who is the target of Generational Mass Incarceration?

What if George Floyd wasn’t killed? What if, instead of breaking his neck or choking him, the police lied at trial and sent him to prison? For Life? Would his Black Life Matter then? What if the coroner, instead of lying on George Floyd’s autopsy for the benefit of the police, lied about a victim’s autopsy? Would his Black Life Matter then? What if the Prosecutor, instead of charging the most lenient charge that can be proven, went straight to 1st Degree Murder, as is the case for most Black Defendants. Would George Floyd’s Black Life Matter?

I doubt it.

I’m sure “a” Black Life does Matter at times to some people, other than that person’s family and friends. That is, when it’s beneficial. Since the catchy slogan came out, Black Lives only Matter when the police kill someone who other people care about. George Floyd was a Black Life that Mattered. Mike Brown was a Black Life that Mattered.

Sure, Black Lives Matter when you can spend a weekend shouting slogans and tweeting hashtags. But if you are asked to Sacrafice or go to War to preserve Black Life, (not “A” Black Life) all Black Lives, will you continue to claim that Black Lives Matter?

-Jerry Riley

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