Change Making

Conservative Movement Pt 1-Richard Dyer

Greetings, Brothers And Sisters,

In writing this article, it takes great pains in knowing and understanding the plight that is still before our group today. What do I mean? We, as a group within the United States are still under the iron-hand oppression of the pale skin nation, even as a so-called free citizen in the so-called “LAND OF THE FREE!”

The forgoing article was written in 2017, and I’ve been updating it every since. Let me start from the beginning of this writing and bring you up to the present events that are still plaguing our group, and no matter how much you think you are immune from it hitting you directly, it will. This writer’s topic started when Donald J. Trump took office as president of the United Stages. It’s called CONSERVATIVE MOVE — and we know before this he claimed to be a Democrat; until he understood he could not get into office because of his view points, but from a conservative perspective, he could make his move.

On Inauguration day, Donald Trump’s inaugural address expressed the chaos and division to come to all of America, with his (fire-and-brimstone) speech — and we know, ignorance brings chaos not knowledge.

Trump came up in the age when politicians in both the South and North rose to power on the backlash against the civil rights movement!!! Trump learned the language of “law and order” from Richard Nixon as a racist dog whistle; from Charles Lindbergh, the popularity of the slogan “America First”; and from his mentor Roy Cohn, he learned the effectiveness of smearing opponents with sprays of rapid-fire insults with the method of rarely attacking one opponent or weighting in on a single issue, while sighting a long list of problems that he claims the other political party have either ducked or botched. So, there is a method to his madness. Why do I say this? (Remember Senator Joseph McCarthy in the 1950’s and his hunt for Communist agents? [McCarthyism]), so study-up on those he studied and learned from, and you will find that Trump’s ideology is not something new, but he finds that the repackaging of older forms of American xenophobia and authoritarianism will get him where he wants to be. But know this; History Will Judge Him Harshly and Those Who Were Complicit. . . Orange is “No Longer” the New Black”


“Conservative Move,” a Real Estate Company and movement for like-minded conservatives, founded by a conservative European so-called [White man] around 2010, who moved from the West Coast to Texas and now his company moves other like-minded conservative Europeans from liberal States like California, Oregon, Washington State, etc., and relocate them to conservative states like Texas and Alabama. This creates a voter’s block to help vote conservatives into office.

Do you know that more than 90% of elected government officials in these conservative states have been re-elected to office since 1992, and since Trumpism arrived, these conservative [hate-pocket-groups] have elevated their activities with presidential approval.

Look at the activities with the NFL. In September 2017, stemming from the protest of Colin Kaepernick in 2016, a black NFL quarterback who took a knee during the National Anthem before each game, calling attention to the “injustice”, “murder”, and “mass incarceration” of the many brothers and sisters all across American and no one being held accountable, even when a murder is captured on video.

Now Kaepernick’s message has been lost after the Trump attack on Black NFL players for taking a knee during the National Anthem, this was after his Vice President Mike Pence went to a NFL game and players on both sides took a knee and Pence left shortly thereafter. Trump made a speech and said: “If I was an owner, I would say; Get those sons of b****** off the field — YOU’RE FIRED!” After this remark from Trump, the media went wild, and the true message of Kaepernick was lost. How so? It became more about protesting Trump then equality for the black community.

Then on September 24, 2017, Jerry Jones, Owner of the Dallas Cowboys locked arms and kneeing in solidarity with his players (before) the singing of the National Anthem, then standing at attention during the anthem. And on September 28, 2017, Thursday Night NFL game; Green Bay Packers quarterback, Aaron Rogers’ request for fans and players to lock-arms before the anthem, then stand at attention for anthem, to protest Trump, further moving away from the true meaning of what Kaepernick and other black players protest are/were all about [How Ignorant And Tone Death Is Rogers]. . . This being an [Act of European psychology] as they have always done when we bring or call attention to Our issues. Aaron Rogers could never understand our plight nor our culture. Jerry Jones on the other hand understood that he could not let this effect his business. Now do YOU understand why Jerry Jones took a knee before the anthem? The NFL owners convened at the [Round Table] and sent Jerry Jones forth. Removing the True meaning / Real issue of the protest. Afterwards, Jerry Jones came out and said: “. . . no player on my team will take a knee during the National Anthem.”

Business move for him, (shifting the focus) for Trump, while the problem continues and what’s worse; refusing to address the Real Issue, even when forced to do so. Yes, they had a meeting with the NFL Players Union Reps and said they would (donate) a certain amount of money to inner city programs and youth centers, etc., but once again — Never Addressing the Real Issues. See where I’m going?
“The Great Cultural Divide” is what it is and with the conservative thought movement [hate-pocket-groups] gaining momentum once again — openly, you either get on board or be crushed to powder. This is the conservative mentality toward people attaching importance to anything other than their agenda, mainly — the Black community!

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