I Can't Breathe

I Can’t Breathe-James Crawford

That was the cry out from Eric Gardner, George Floyd, and many other black men that death was approaching. To me, what shook the foundation of every household no matter what race was hearing, an adult male cry for his mother, a mother who has been dead for two years. For a adult male to cry out for his mother who had died two years prior shows you the pain he felt . Some people feel like looting and burning down stores and restaurant won’t change nothing but just destroying their own community. I have to disagree with them.

From this aspect, without a violent protest, I feel there wouldn’t been charges brought against the officers. We have to look at what the F.B.I. representative said when he said “From what’s been reviewed, no charges will be brought to the officers”. Then once things intensified, the representative came back and said all footage will be reviewed before charges can be brought up against the officers.

See, the first statement was the truth about how they really feel. On another note we have to look back in history. What did the peaceful protests do besides result in people being hurt by officers, or dogs attacking them? History is repeating itself, so to me, it’s time for a change, as you can see is in the making. Almost every time a black man that’s big in stature has some type of altercation with white police officers whether it is verbal or physical, results in some type of brute force through pepper spray, taser, guns or some type of training tactic that have a great possibly of ending fatal.

Tragedy strikes again on June 12 2020. Rayshard Brooks was killed by white police officers . Another unarmed black male has been murdered for being sleep in a Wendy’s parking lot that just backed up what I mentioned above about the interaction with white police officers ending in brute force.

George Floyd losing his life changed world history. George Floyd and all other black men and women losing their lives won’t be in vain. It’s a new day and time. All the other races have black kids or black people in their lives that they sincerely love. Unity is key to over come this adversity peace. Blacks Are Under Attack So we have to Protect Us ….. the names bro could’nt put the math it was shot down. Lajuan Hairston , Tariq Bambata ,Robert William Holmes, Randy Percy James.

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