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What our eyes are witnessing in this new era of time is White America still in style, all powerful at the hands of today’s government & police still corrupted. (Pushing Oppressive Laws Injustice Causing Eradication) of the so called black man & woman an America made negro.

The government in which we reside for numerous centuries of oppression, slavery & mind altering techniques has stopped so called African Americans from changing for the better or reaching an equal platform to be treated as first class citizens.

Much of African Americans experiences have been self-deteriorating, a result of having endured the worst element of Eurocentric hegemony. Historically, many European Americans questioned the very humanity of Africans in the interest of material, gain and control, thus creating an entire Socio-political structure designed to enforce and perpetuate the dehumanization of so called African people. 

An example of this is draining & pillaging of Africa & all her resources and the slave triangle of North America, Europe & Africa. As Mr. James Baldwin said 57 years ago! “white Americans do not understand the depths out of which such an ironic tenacity comes, but they suspect that the force is sensual, & they are terrified of sensuality and do not any longer understand it.”

As it relates to the so called black race, the white man heaven is the black mans hell & the American dream has been our nightmare. And one may object but it has been true for as long as so called white men have ruled the world.

Mr. Baldwin said: He could not feel, in those sorrowful years, that this human indifference, concerning which he knew so much already, would be his portion on the day that the United States decided to murder it’s negroes systematically instead of little by little and catch-as-catch-can.”

Which we are witnessing the systematically death as well as a physical death! from the hands of those who are to protect and serve the community of the American people who are unable to protect themselves. By the removing of the black man from the home! leaving the women to raise children on her own. From the so called black man being hunted down & slaughtered in the streets by law enforcement.

Creating another cycle of a broken home & broken minds! from the young woman of a single parent falling victim to unplanned pregnancy, rape, prostitution & drugs. And the young man following a path of destruction either to join a gang, sell drugs, gun down by Street life! or slain by law enforcement or thrown in prison from the color of his skin.

All created from a system that has never been in favor of the so call black race! who is recognized as being subhuman or 3/5ths of a person. Which leads to (Pushing Oppressive Laws Injustice Causing Eradication) of the so called black person.

So is it safe to say the system is not only bias & broken but also has a license to kill? because any death that is committed without a license is against the law!. Meaning in power within government affairs, due to the fact the white America government are the biggest criminals & incorporate laws that benefit their protection & laws that create more hardship on people of color within urban communities across the country.

As we see politics in everything we do in this new era of time, I can say people across the globe have no choice but to pay attention to the cause of the so called black man death rate. As well as issues on mass incarceration, & prison reform in white America.

History has been proven to repeat itself from what we our witnessing in today’s society as well as our history becoming his-story! We went from seeing the kkk wearing sheets over their heads, turning them in for police badges & uniforms giving them a license to kill. 

We seen war on drugs! To war on crime, but in reality it has always been war on black lives! Which the government embraces all the above through the act of war! which is the promotion of violence!.

Now 57 years later, the so called blacks can enter in the front doors of white owned establishments, ride in the front seats of buses & can finally obtain employment within government agencies. But in the same breath still are not allowed in certain communities unless we are recognized as being rich.

Looking at what has remained the same from 57 years ago & has not changed in regards of people (Protesting Oppression hasn’t Led Into Color Equality). Which we have been seeking since the emancipation days of slavery to be equal to white America!.

Although what did & has taken place from 57 years ago is Bobby Kennedy’s assurance did check out when he said: A negro can become President in 40years to the unfortunate tone of warm congratulation with so many liberals address their negro equals.

As I made mention earlier, more so called black people has been instituted into the positions that was once unattainable in government for the colored person. On that note you still see puppets being strung along by the puppet Master the man behind the veil that’s really pulling the strings & calling the shots.

No difference from the house nigga doing what he is told to do. Becoming brainwashed to push the agenda of the slave master for the gain of a better life style from the demise & devouring of their own people. Thinking they are equal but just another nigga who’s labeled a sellout.

In closing, the focus should continue to be upon the status of equal to white America. As well as promoting war on helping inner cities, war on producing more jobs, better education, housing, family support, mass incarceration along with (Protesting Oppressive Laws Injustice Causing Eradication).

If not, we will keep witnessing more Rodney king beatings, Trevon Martin killings, Michael Brown, Eric Gardner, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Rayshard Brooks etc. Falling victim to the hands of the POLICE.

While white America keep allowing them to beat all charges! Police brutality will continue!!!

-Charles A. Jackson Bey

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