Black Lives Matter Change Making

Queen of the Struggle

Queen Of The Struggle, You’ve Been Carrying this nation Far to Long. Our Queens are Strong and Extraordinary, Everything you see comes From the Womb of You, from the underground to the bus ride your sacrifice is more then recognized, even though the lion has strayed from his pride,When he wakes up from his mental death he will soon again return to your side, When faced with difficulty our Queens Always Find a way to overcome their obstacles.The Black Women Has No Beginning Nor Ending. Our Queens Consistently Stand on truth in the face of history Lies.

From Queen Nzinga “Africa Greatest Daughter” To Chicago’s Very Own Michelle Obama, The first Lady of the new Era of Change, Madam Cj Walker Was the First Black Millionaire She Had A dream Before Martin, But hers Was About Hair.
Idla B Wells Had a Story to tell. She exposed the south in the face of bigotry and doubt. Queen Candace Used Elephants as tanks, she was a military tactican. Alexander the great in the middle of his mission, he suffered his first defeat at the hands of a woman.

What About Assata Skakur? She was about black liberation when we where considered nothing in this nation In Fact, Assta Name means “She who Struggles”. She Once Said, “We Are Created From Our Conditions, Conditions are of Minds”, and you know we can’t forget about Winnie. She was there in the be go and held Nelson Mendala down when the enemy came to get him. She was the force behind his punch and she was the meal behind his lunch. Queen Neferteri “The Beautiful one is here the beauty was in her mind and at the time she was without peer. Dr Mae Jemison, our first Queen In space. This put a smile on her face when she saw Africa from above, she thought what a beautiful place. Maya Angalou Came from a childhood of silence & hurt, yet she grew into the queen who inspired us with such poetic Verse.

To All My Queens of the Struggle, thank you for being gods. Help meet So if The Men are The Fruit, then you are the Roots Of the tree. Queen of the struggle, you are truly respected, You are our today, your are our tomorrow, so if we don’t take care of you today then We have No Tomorrow.

Darius X

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