Black Lives Matter Change Making

Truth Will Set Us Free

I attempt to draw significant conclusion from the present consumption of thoughts thus actions…………

Digesting intrinsic information whilst computing Behavioral configurations, still attempting to calibrate Psychological Signification. I am but a Will-O- the-Wisp. I have Aim, I know the contours of my Purpose………..

Yet, float as the mighty Sperm Whale I do; Unconscious of the vast World around me. Yet, When I put forth my thoughts to understand the depravities committed under the auspicious titles of Justice, Equality, Freedom, and Humanitarianism, I find the dull ache throbbing throughout the caverns of my heart so filling that barely can I stand the downpour. How do people move on from events continuously taking place?
Explain how to forget the wrongs of a past that is present? Black Lives Matter! Black Lives Matter! The great city Babylon has refallen; Originals Salute!!!

I oscillate dangerously above the blackened, red streaked clouds of Rage. The vapors rise to choke and suffocate and attempt to vanquish the light of civility. Sawabona Black Woman. Seeth I all that you are, and enraged like the steam whistling from the teakettle left too long within the fire am I at the destructive violence being visited upon you. How are our Children to be encouraged to stand strong and steadfast when the moment they exit the home their shadows are not allowed to grow long? Death stalks the Youth. Yet the Youth are upon the front lines. It is they who carry the fight, it is they who voice the arguments, fore who can know the Black Journey better than the Black People?
At what stage can we release the Pains of yesterday when yesterday is being consistently played out today? Even as I raise my head and defiantly face the Beast, its paw to the east smites the life of my Sister, and its tail in the south crushes the Hopes of the Divergents.
We rise. Awaken the Sleepers. Invigorate, Revitalize, and Esteem the Stolen Souls found wallowing in the inequities within the Coven of Thieves.

The Serpent is hissing in anger in an attempt to hide its Fear. Sing out Your dreams—Persecuted. Scream out Your rage—Raped. Shout at the top of Your Lungs—Shot-in-Cold-Blooded Hate. Speak the atrocities enacted upon an entire People merely for the Hue of their Beautiful Skin. Black Lives Matter. Make Black Beautiful again. How do you kill that which originates Life? How do we continue to misjudge a people who continuously shows Us that they have no yearning to cohabitate with us? Why is it that they attempt to wipe out the existence of Elijah Muhammad? We find ourselves in Worldwide Civil unrest because the World has become 100% dissatisfied at the treatment of the Blackman and Blackwoman in America.
We have a President inflaming the deeply rooted hatreds of internal White America.
We find White Americans standing and voicing their dislikes and frustrations at their own People. The Book of Revelations reveals the momentous Events of today, yet no one wants to face the Truth. The fiery storm of destruction has yet to expose itself in its glorious totality. In what way will we deal with this 6000 thousand year hatred? Are we too content at attempting to contrive a means by which to convince self acknowledged enemies to be just with Us? Or are we ready to face reality and admit that we NEED to get the hell away from this Wicked People. These are questions that will be answered in the coming days.

Stay tuned, for we shall know the Truth and it shall definitely set Us Free!!!!!!!!

Written by: Abdul Mufakkir
Dated: June 16, 2020

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