The following is something I had began writing awhile back, I decided to finish it tonight. This is my first time sharing my thought’s as I myself have been mentally distracted. I have been dealing with responding to trial court’s refusal to obey the law and follow the Supreme Court order that recently instructed the court to reconsider there denial of my Motion For Relief From Judgement. Then on May 22 I fell and injured my foot in which was due to the facility I’m located at not having ladders in the rooms. I have to use a chair to get up and down from my top bunk. During my attempt to get down the chair slid and I fell. The fall has resulted in a 5mm spur at my Achilles tendon attachment of the calcaneus. I was also told I have nerve damage referred to as Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome. Typically treated with NSAIDs, unfortunately I have allergic reactions to NSAISs, therefore I’m unable to take the treatment. In have been told to contact a lawyer because because there was a lawsuit in the past for this and an apparent order to install ladders. The damage could heal I have been told but it does not talk about it in the information I have been provided. So I am in constant pain the more I walk the worse it hurts and it can be impossible to get comfortable to sleep as like tonight. If anyone has an information or input feel free to contact me. 


Tremendous the price paid, so many young men in early graves. The government should be ashamed, treating men and women as cattle in a cage. Department of Corrections, what are they correcting, giving no option’s, no direction. Talking about jobs know there pretending, 17 cents an hour a truth there’s no bending. No cares as long as the families keep sending. Food rations so poor, you need store. Secure packs now necessity. Facilities altering and manipulating the menu, recycled veggies and spoiled potatoes every bite has you guessing. The state don’t care as long as the check keeps cashing. Always talking inmates down mentally bashing. We’re already fighting depression. Separating inmates from their families has them all collapsing. Visits you can drive 9 hours for maybe two. Teens and young adults intermixing, that will never fix them fighting for the power of position. Many of the young are follower’s, what they see influences there decisions. Technology don’t exist in prison, this is foolish and impairs them from the beginning. Technology is the future, this is prison conditioning. They’ll be back because you deny everything they lack. When they express dreams and desires, the lack of opportunity puts out their fires. When they set goals reaching for their dream, you laugh at them calling them obscene. When they lash out because they can’t take anymore, you throw them in a hole. What dose the word correction even stand for, it seems to me it should be department of control.

Derek Rainbolt

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