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Exodus from the Democratic Party-Pt 1

By: Richard Dyer-Bey

In this article I will be objective to both sides — Democrats and Republicans. Although, in certain parts I will express in these modern days how the Democratic party has and are taking your vote for granted.

In the year 2016, the United States Democratic Party was dealt its greatest historical blow since 1860 when Abraham Lincoln (a Republican) won the election. But this time, it was a non-politician, authoritarian, xenophobic, who became president of the U.S.A., and he has also turned the worldwide up-and-down. How? First off, Those who were registered Democratics voted Republican. This also has not happened since the (Anti-Slavery Republicans vs. The Pro-Slavery Democratics in 1860). No! truly I am not comparing Trump to Lincoln, although they do share similarities. How so? 1) Reconstruction of (1865-77), when Americans tried to rebuild a stable Union after the Civil War (1861-65). The deadlock inherited by Andrew Jackson (1808-1875) on Abraham Lincoln’s death (1865) over who should control Reconstruction and the hardened with increasing congressional hostility toward restoring the south to its old.position (Look at what Trump is trying to do — even though he is for the North – [New York]). 2) Republicans wanted to press home the Union victory by following the 13th Amendment abolishing slavery (1865) with full Civil Rights for the (New Class Of People [the Negro]), including the vote. What is Trump trying to do? Repeal laws & suppress the so-called Black vote! 3) Also, while Congress was not in session, Johnson implemented Lincoln’s policy of “Lenience” by giving amnesty in return for a loyalty oath! He also condoned [Black Codes], which practically reintroduced slavery in another guise. With this last act, let me state; JOHNSON WAS A FORMER DEMOCRAT — SO WAS TRUMP. . . You get the point?.

Now how many of you are tired of and wish your community was clean and free of drugs, violence and sirens? Police, ambulance and fire trucks, rushing to an unpleasantness scene everyday? This is why many have left the Democratic part. And this is why many voted for Trump (change, thinking he was a Republican) Conservative yes, if you know what I mean (Read my article CONSERVATIVE MOVE). But once you really understand who the Democratic party is and why you are living in poverty, crime ridden neighborhoods, blighted and vacant houses, your children being denied proper education, school closing and mass incarnation of loved ones. (Ask Bill Clinton about his Anti-Terrorist crime bill).

The Republican Party was founded in 1854 by dissidents of the WHIG, Democratic and FREE SOIL parties to unify the growing anti-slavery forces. Its first national nominating convention was held in 1856; J.C. Fremont was adopted as presidential candidate. Campaigning for the abolition of slavery and of polygamy in the territories, he captured 11 states. But Lincoln became its first Republican president, and in spite of unpopularity of the subsequent RECONSTRUCTION policies and the secession of the “LIBERAL REPUBLICAN PARTY” in 1872, the Republicans remained dominant in US politics, winning 14 out of 18 presidential elections between 1860 and 1932.
In an era of scandal, the Republicans consolidated a “pro-business” and “conservative” reputation with the nomination and election of William McKinley in 1896. His successor Theodore Roosevelt adopted progressive stance; he defected to the (Bull Moose) party in 1912.

Before continuing, it must be noted that, the Democratic party in 1860 after its defeat to Lincoln and the Republican party was so determined to keep the so-called Negro in slavery, ceded from the Union, thus began the Civil War.

Remember, during this time, — (1865-1877), the Republican party were anti-slavery, however, in 1866, when Congress reconvened with a landslide victory, the Conservative [Radical] Republicans took control. Their first Reconstruction Act of 1867 divided ten Southern states into five military areas with a major general for each. Under army scrutiny, so-called (black and white) voters were registered, and constitutions and governments instituted. In 1868, six Southern states were readmitted to the Union, followed in 1870 by the other four. By ratifying the 14th Amendment (1868), on Negro civil rights. (Yes, the so-called Negro had “voting rights” coming out of slavery.)

Historical facts: However, this was not the case at the time of these events I am about to mention. These events caused “The Lost of the American Republic,” for, when the first seven rebellious Southern states walked out of Congress on February 1, 1861, their secession from the Union was followed by that of four States in insurrection on March 27, 1861, (this is what Lincoln was speaking to in putting down the insurrection), and this act happened only three weeks after Lincoln’s inaugural address March 4, 1861:—- These states were:

1. South Carolina — Fort Sumter, a fort in Charleston, S.C., where the first shots in the Civil War were fired on April 12, 1861. (This act was equivalent to 9/11 today). When S.C. seceded from the Union 1860, US Major Robert Anderson received a rebel summons to surrender has garrison. He refused, Sumter was fired upon, and the war had begun.
The fort was retaken when Confederates evacuated Charleston in February 1865. Then;

2. Mississippi 7. Texas
3. Florida 8. Virginia
4. Alabama 9. Arkansas
5. Georgia 10. Tennessee
6. Louisiana 11. North Carolina

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