Black Lives Matter Change Making Story

The Truth

The other day I was approached by this guy named Joe. He asked me a question that I found I couldn’t answer quite as accurate as I should have been able to He asked “what is your perspective on the George Floyd situation.” And I stopped and thought, for the first time, about the situation. And the answer hurt me, I told him the truth. I said that I am certainly knowledgeable of what’s going on but that the situation did not affect me like I know it should. Although I’m white, I grew up in a predominantly black neighborhood in Flint, Michigan, and most of my close friends are Black.
This sudden coming to realization that the things that are going on in the black community that I’ve witnessed growing up in Flint And being in prison since I was 15 has not motivated me to get educated and try to help, hurts. It hurts it took this long and so much pain from my fellow peers for me to finally open my eyes. And it hurts to know that there are so many more people in the state of mind I was in out there still, and that needs to change.

I would just like to thank Joe, for asking me what he did. And challenging me to make a difference. I only ask the same for who ever reads this!
-Isaac L. Bowling

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