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N e e d t o b e H I g h

The feeling of being high; the aura of intoxication; the euphoria of being inebriated; the climax of adrenalin, all to the point of weightlessness on multiple levels.

Chasing that high, that exhilaration holds the world in “consciousness without presumption of results or expectations of answers”. Just aloft in the bliss of living in the moment. So much so that, everything flows with you, and you flow with everything. Pure harmony existing as your real life.

There is no need to inhale anything more than oxygen.

There is no need to indulge in any type of spirits outside of the body.

No need to think or ponder a situation, being the true experiencer, the needed actions are lived out onto needed fulfillment.

This intoxication is produced by the manufactured love of living God’s energy from deep inside you, all the way to your pleasure full experience now. The high, is a divine consumption of all ancestry, every available life force flowing now, and the appreciation, to live through the potency of such a magnificent elixir. The fluid of life’s availability, surges was-to-is, celebrating the union of past and present with every drank of the truth; Oneness.

To be so connected to God, that every part of life that ever existed and exists now, is coursing through your being. This aura, this euphoria, this great power, this climax of adrenalin, this weightlessness, is that urge, is that craving, that desire for the Need to be High. Above the intent to belittle, flatter, or stagnate. Beyond the situations and circumstances that persist to harbor and ground any moment of elevation.

The Need to be High is so much more than elevation, it is the being free from all and being free to experience all, without boundaries or restrictions to or from being free. The Need to be High engulfs every portion of your being and opens you up to experience, being. Seeing life in the light of being so you, that you experience God in everything. Everything that you see, do, think, and experience is godly. Realizing, you are this High, you have always been this High, all you have to do ever, is be, and you maintain and evolve in your Need to be High. Flying in the space of God, alone, but with everything and everyone you need, under the influence of the power of divinity. Knowing, the highest you can get, is the God in you. This operates your Need to be High.

“Know thyself” Ralph Emerson
Keep your eyes wide mind wise while Ballin’ thru it All…
Noble files *****Realla Journals
Mstr.SheldonRoyceMarch #192522

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