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This is America

Hello!! My name is Terry but guys call me Washington, I’ve been dwn for 5 years so far. I’m 39yo & hve been doing poetry every since I could learn how 2 read, never really took it serious though. Now I use poetry as a way 2 escape, heal, cry, & love. I would love 2 share sum poetry from my poetic archives & I hope my poems dnt come off 2 dark or depressing but know these r my feelings n its rawest form, my life, my words!!!!

B4 I send a few poems I jus want 2 say part of my writing style is the length of my poems. I try 2 make my poems as short as possible so the message can hit hard, but on occasions one might get a little lenthy like this 1st poem. B4 every poem I will give an small introduction, but poetry is so deep each reader will see & feel something different….

Introduction (2-9-20)
N this particular poem I wanted 2 express generations of pain n a softer way 2 show the reader the basic reason of our anger, rage, disappointments & long term mental suffering. I wanted 2 show the reality of our situation.

Most of the people n America r foreigners but whites r the only ones that can call themselves Americans w/o the hyfen n it. We dnt say European American or England American, but we hve 2 label ourselves African-American or Black or Urban. Now I’m not knocking our native land or denying it but rather showing the never ending racism & hatred being shown.

This poem is 4 the people that still doesn’t understand why we r still upset & n pain & filled with rage. Also, I’m allowing the reader 2 see that the writer is finally coming out of denial, finally realizing racism is America & it will never change.. I call this piece, “Thankyou America.”

Thankyou America (2-9-20)
Now I understand. In the beginning when the constitution was written, We, were not n the plan. My great great grandfather was born here and yet we cnt call ourselves American…

Thankyou America. Thankyou 4 destroying our heritage, erasing our native tongue, & killing our native land. All our speeches all our marches, crys & tears has went in vain again, & then, President Trump is the new America while we still cnt call ourselves American.
Thankyou America. Thankyou 4 making a colorless color a race. Thankyou 4 instilling in us Hate, just 2 point the finger n disgrace, wondering why we r so enraged at your diner that publicly discriminate. Thankyou America, we try so hard & hard 2 be accepted & fit in. But no matter how successful, wealthy, & talented we are, we will never be considered an American..

Now I understand. When the Preamble says, we the people, WE, were not in the plan. We were live stock, free labor, sold & traded, beaten, raped & killed but never American.

Thankyou America. Thankyou 4 leaving a seat for us at your table. Thankyou 4 laughing when we tell a joke. Thankyou 4 cheering when we shoot the game winning shot. Thankyou 4 removing those physical chains & putting Us on nice designer clothes… Are we Americans now America, the answer is still No…

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