Change Making Story

Exodus from the Democratic Party-Pt 2

By: Richard Dyer-Bey

The threat of military and navel intervention of the power of the Commander-in-Chief to suppress the insurrection as well as the implementation of certain provisions of the Emancipation Proclamation [12 Stat. 1268 (effective January 1, 1868)], both these advents persuaded other rebel states to end their secession efforts and remain in the Union. These former rebellious states were called [Border States]:

1. Maryland 3. Missouri 5. West Virginia
2. Delaware 4. Kentucky

Under the parliamentary law of Congress, while the aforesaid events occurred, Congress adjourned “sine die” [without day] NEVER TO MEET AGAIN at the appointed time “the first Monday in December each year.” Accordingly, Congress ceased to exist as a lawfully functioning government body. The deliberative body of the original Congress lost its constitutional power, and thus Congress has not the capacity to declare war.

Meanwhile, President Lincoln, acting as Commander-in-Chief, issued Executive Order 1 [April 15, 1861] implementing military rule under the pretext of the national emergency. Then, on April 24, 1863, Lincoln commissioned the Lieber Code [“General Orders No. 100 (Section 2, Articles 42-43)] devised by Francis Lieber to effect the desired change in government.

Although President Lincoln was assassinated before he could complete his [Reconstruction Plan for the Union], three military Reconstruction Acts were enacted by the “Radical Republican Congress in 1867”, they were the Civil Rights Acts of 1866 and 1875.

So, now you know that, the only lawful Amendments are [The Bill of Rights of 1791]. The First Ten Amendments to the Organic United States Constitution of 1789.

And, as Andrew Johnson a former Democrate from Tennessee succeeded Lincoln as president, under Johnson, certain Confederates was pardon and so-called Negroes wasn’t offered a role in the reconstruction process. Under Johnson’s plan of 1865, allowed the state government to pass a series of laws called [The Black Codes], and a century later called [The Jim Crow Laws], that guaranteed white supremacy, economically, regulating the labor of race, jailing the “new class” of citizens, so-called Negro / blacks for being unemployed, then hiring them out to pay for their fine. Socially, investing in negro, black legal status to remain lower class and submissive to so-called whites, and politically keep the “new class” of citizens, so-called negro out of the halls of power.

Theses Blacks Codes are still in effect today. Regulating labor, over looked for certain jobs, jailing so-called Negroes / Blacks people, a minority race but majority in prison, black legal status, given the so-called negro a record whether it be criminal or financial delinquency to keep them in the lower class and dependent. How?

For 70yrs. the so-called black / negro was a faithful supporter of the Republican party until 1930, (the Great Depression). Democratic president, Franklin D. Roosevelt attracted the so-called black voter to the Democratic party with the NEW DEAL — (I call the “ABC’s” — [ADC, SSI, etc]), which included economic relief, recovery, reform, housing and employment, which led the so-called blacks / negro to switch party allegiance. And they use the same tactics today to keep you voting for a fallacious promise of economic relief — (which keeps you dependent upon them), yet, you still struggle to this very day.

Since switching allegiance to the Democratic party, here are the historical facts of repayment for you loyalty. In 1915, Democratic president Woodrow Wilson played the first movie in the While House — [Birth Of A Nation], a Ku Klux Klan movie, lynching of Negroes. After the showing, he (Woodrow Wilson) stated: “It’s like lighting in a bottle, because the fact is, it is all so true.” In 1921, the Ku Klux Klan continued openly lynching and terrorizing the so-called blacks. In 1954, the so-called blacks had to fight for equal schooling, Brown v. Board of Education, Topeka. In 1955, Rosa Parks had to give up her seat to a so-called white man. And all through out the 50’s and 60’s, so-called black people have been harassed at the voting poles, church booming, segregation, attacked by dogs and killed by the Dixiecrat citizens, and the police. Once again, lets not forget Bill Clinton’s crime bill that allowed mass incarnation, and during the 90’s, Michigan built 12 additional prisons. This is the party so-called black people vote for? People, the black codes are still alive and well. Remember the Democratic governor from Virginia, Ralph Northham openly admitted that it was him in the black face next to his Klansman buddy and he is still governor today. Democrat? Right!!!

So-called Black people are still being lynched today by so-called white people (LOOK AT WHAT JUST HAPPENED IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA [JUNE 2020], TWO BLACK MEN WERE HUNG (LYNCHED))!!! Now, I wish for you to ask yourself why haven’t the Democratic party passed a bill that will stop gang violence in your community? Shut down a whole countries army with tanks and missiles. Send billions of dollars to other countries to fix roads and build schools, but they tell you there is no money for your children’s education or schools. These are just a few examples.

Conclusion: This is just a perspective from a historical point of view and remember, Donald J. Trump is a Democrat and just recently Bill and Hilary’s friend. He only switched to the Republican party to try and become president, knowing this could not happen running as a DEMOCRAT.
In my next article, we will address what I have been hinting and alluding to in this writing: [The Emancipation Proclamation; 13th, 14th, & 15th Amendments, Confiscation Acts of August 6, 1861 and July 17, 1862 and the Reconstruction period [1865-77]. I also will be repeating some of my thoughts from this writing to fill-in areas I did not go deeper into.


Richard D. Dyer-Bey

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