Fast Forward- Paid Patriotism:

What a turn of events. As we now “hear” hope to be seen, they are getting it. Who? The pale skin nations of Europe. Get what? That Colin Kaepernick WAS right in his calling attention to our plight in the United States, as I’ve stated from the onset of this matter. The NFL has sent out their spokesman Roger Goodell to say, (“We Got It Wrong”), But would not say Colin’s name. Will he now get a second chance in the NFL? Or would he even want to play again?
One may think that when you see a display of patriotism at a sporting event, it is an Honorable patriotic gesture. But would you believe that these acts are staged events, paid for by the Department of Justice? After 9/11, the (DOJ) decided to put forth a display of militarized and patriotized sports. They began to use sports as a political tool to gain the favor of the American people, because sports athletes “No longer” spoke out or participated in social and racial activities in more then forty years. Long gone were the MUHAMMAD ALI’S, JIM BROWN’S, JACKIE ROBINSON’S, LEW ALCINDOR’S (KAREEM), and BILL RUSSELL’S. Why? Because Black athletes were being paid million dollar salaries, and they were to afraid to say anything, for fear of loosing their status. And when some tried to speak out, they were told to “SHUT-UP” and play ball! Then came Colin Kaepernick, who took a stance-(knee), in protest for SOCIAL JUSTICE. Now, think about Jerry Jones’ actions during these events.?
On the heels of these events comes Donald Trump, exploiting these acts for political gains. This is the act of (Un-Patriotism). He has used the players to draw a wedge between the Black community and White America. Remember his Inaugural address: One of “Chaos and Division.” How? “White Owners”, “White Media”, “White America,” BLACK PLAYERS. . . Now;

Did they [the European] not learn or understand anything from their own American history? We have shed blood, sweat and tears for this country, in fact, it was on our backs that this very country was built! The sad part about this whole even is; we has to resort to acts of extreme to get everyone’s attention, after being fed-up by the deaths of Breona Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and finally George Floyd. Does it is have to always be at the point of the sworn to get you to do right? Listen;

We have a short term “leader” of the FREE WORLD, who does not care about the people, ONLY his personal wealth, and anyone who disagrees with him will feel his wrath! And lets not speak to his (collaborators), who say, “we are working with him in the name of “national interest,” rationalizing collaboration as something necessary for the preservation of the American economy, or American culture — though of course many of them who has made these arguments have professional or economic motives, too. In other cases are those active ideological collaborators: those who “believed” that the Republican party had been weak or corrupt with the hope that Trump would strengthen it, the latter being the ideology of fascism. Now, in practice, Trump has governed according to a set of principles very different from those articulated by his original intellectual supporters. Although some of his speechs have continued to use that populist language, he has built a Cabinet and an administration that serve neither the public nor his voters but rather his own psychological need and the interests of his own friends on Wall Street and in business and, of course, his own family. His tax cuts disproportionately benefited the wealthy, not the working class. His shallow economic boom, engineered to ensure his reelection, was mode possible by a vast budget deficit, on a scale Republicans once claimed to abhor, an enormous burden for future generations. He worked to dismantle the existing health-care system without offering anything better, as he’d promised to do, so that the number of uninsured people rose. All the while he fanned and encouraged xenophobia and racism, both because he found them politically useful and because they are part of his (personal) worldview.
More important, he has governed in defiance-and in ignorance—of the American Constitution, notably declaring, well into his third year in office, that he had “total” authority over all the states. His administration is not merely corrupt, it is also hostile to checks, balances, and the rule of law!

SO YOU TELL ME WHAT KIND OF LEADER IS IN THE WHITE HOUSE? WE HAVE FAST FORWARDED — PAID PATRIOTISM. How much more can We take. You know my conclusion — The Time Is Ripe — VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! Keep Speaking Out LeBron, D. Wade, Melo, And Now The Many NLF Players, And To All The Young Brothers And Sisters In The Struggle, Great Work!!!


Richard Bey

For Contact: or written letter, please be sure to include name and address at top of inside letter.

Richard D. Dyer-Bey, #186882
Thumb Correctional Facility
3225 John Conley Drive
Lapeer, Michigan, 48446-2987

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