Change Making Story

Finding a way out

By: Charles A. Jackson Bey

As I have grown into a deeper understanding about life while remaining in bondage throughout (MDOC) Michigan Department Of Corrections, real men or conscious individuals who are serving time or has served time do not want to be labeled or called criminal.

I would think no matter if you were from an urban neighborhood or suburban community one would disapprove with this title as well. It’s no different from any other undesirable name that serves as condescending, disrespectful or has a degrading nature towards a human being.

Crime Prevention is something we all wanted growing up! In some form or fashion if one would recall before they broke the law. To be the one who cleans up society! Making the world a safer place, from seeing our favorite super hero’s on television taking out the bad guys! To wanting to be just like them taking up their task of saving the world.

As we became older reality set in to know it was a fairy tale to be flying around in a cape having superpowers to fight crime. Just like when we learned Santa Clause wasn’t coming down chimneys many of us didn’t have. So young boys played cops & robbers! this was more the reality I lived in and most wanted to be the robber instead of the cop.

Why is that? The robber was considered the popular dude and the cop was the lame or should I say undesirable due to the fact they were not considered our super hero’s & more the villain. The robber was the patriarch who could save the day! Taking on the Robin Hood concept steal from the rich & give to the poor.

Which was a unhealthy seed being planted that turned us into a culture who take from each other! becoming our own cowboys & Indians amongst our own who was in the same circumstances. Preventing crime became even more a ferry tale as we seen those who were to protect & serve committing crimes! having a disregard for human life.

Then we fail victim to monkey see monkey do! And was no different than those we pointed the finger at! When we started breaking the law & killing our own! As we are witnessing those protest for black lives matters! We’re still gunning each other down, and stabbing each other on the prison yards.

So ask yourself how can we expect the system to change if we fail to change? How can we expect the police to take our lives serious! if we don’t take life serious?
For to long we have been Misinformed, Miseducated & Mislead and it’s time to wake up! and break the cycle as an whole.

Following the life style of do’s & dont’s in the underground world is where we earn the title criminal, that has reached far beyond the surface of a broken community. As the so-called rules are never sell drugs where you rest at! but you can sell to your neighbors! never take nothing from a working man or woman of your community but it’s o.k to rob the dope man or rich white people.

Which we know there’s no honor among thieves! as well as there’s no rules in the street game! Now to be more clear, everything is done for a reason and the majority would tell you committing a crime is done to help better their family conditions. From selling drugs to robbery! even writing bold checks, all would agree to saying they wanted a better life style than the one they had.

So for crime prevention to even begin we know money is the key factor because those who doesn’t have it, break the law to obtain such monetary in order to better conditions for their family & themselves. Finding a way out! is almost is impossible when No Jobs, Single Parents, Abuse, Child Neglect all play a part to the hindrance to success in poverty strict environments.

So how can a cycle be broke if the problem steady creates more problems before the solution can be applied to the first problem? we find ourselves chasing our own tail in a world built on War instead of Peace! Lies instead of Truth! Hate instead of Love! & Crime instead of Crime Prevention.

If we really want to see crime decrease, we will see more education being established in & out of prisons across Michigan, more self help programs to keep ex-felons free in society. This is a New Era of time and a lot or things have changed from jobs to education and 80% of new convicted felons have never worked a day of their lives and most have very poor education only obtaining a Junior High level of knowledge or less.

The incarceration system is younger! thriving with more youth and they’re not interested in learning because of who’s teaching! and a computer many prisoners have no clue on how to properly use. A vast majority can’t understand the school work due to the fact of not knowing how to read or write! also to mention the G.E.D is taken on computer software as paper testing no longer exist.

So after school attention is needed with the help of an inmate tutor but this is not happening & student prisoners would rather learn from a crook instead of a book. That’s the reason so many prisoners don’t have a valid education far as obtaining a Diploma or GED is because effort is not applied and the surroundings of one’s upbringing plays a crucial role to becoming a gateway to the prison system.

Now the MDOC is not offering much to prisoners who are willing to learn and have obtained there GED and are lifers or have long indeterminate sentences. When it should be mandatory all prisoners receive equal education because one day the lifer could be released from a change in law, their case overturned or granted a commutation.

Returning back to society ex-felons need more jobs to benefit inner cities and help building communities through individuals who believe in the rehabilitated people from prisoner. Everyone wants to live in a safer environment & to create a better life for their children, nieces, nephews and also for their parents!

But as I mentioned earlier most took the route of crime in order to find a way out! so we need more resources & opportunities in our neighborhoods so we can take the right way out!!!!

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