Black-ish In America (Free Verse)

where is my place when there is no place for me labeled
what would my role be if silence is the only action i find stable
if half of me is falsely recognized for white privelegde
and the other half is fasley identified as ratchet & hood interiorized
if man is conscious of his roots
then man can be conscious of himself
he who is complacent with pig will constantly be served pig
even after being liberated we still segregate from others & discriminate our own
without trial & error mistakes will not turn to lessons
history is not meant to conflict with religious believes but to help amplify our access to the higher self
without a will for change & righteousness human kind will forever be enslaved to the lower self
forced to be sectioned by stereotypes
forced to live in sectioned neighborhoods
continuing to make decisions that are wrong and some that are righteous for survival
forced into the Department of Corrections where the only justfied corrections made is Life in prison or double – X amount of years being institutionally brainwashed
after rehabilitation & maturity has developed boys to men
striving to liberate my people I refuse to tell my kids I’m Free-ish in America
I refuse to have my kids grow up & be in fear for their freedom & life
and if asked I refuse to allow them to clean up their ethnicity by saying I’m Black-ish in America

~ Kenyun Smith


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