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I Love The Word Woman

I want to start this off with a few words of Faith and then share with you my thoughts concerning the Woman. I hope that it touches someone heart if not everybody. If one have just alittle faith, it will give you peace of mind. Some brothers lose their mind while doing time. I don’t hope wish or think that things are going to get better. I have faith that its going to get better, with me using the knowledge alone with prayer. Because it’s been said that faith without work is worthless. I’m a brother thats doing life without the possibly for parole from a sex crime dealing with a unjust crimal system. I’m also a brother who give all thanks to The Nation of Islam for making me a Man that respects himself and Women. I want to share with you something I wrote concerning The Woman:

” I Love The Word Woman ”

I love the heart of a woman. She’s most forgiving, understanding, loving and caring. Heaven is at the foot of a woman. Her heart is the door to enter heaven. When I say the word ( heart ), I’m not talking about her heart, I’m talking about her Mind. Her body is the temple of God. Her Womb is God’s work factory where He does His complete but yet incomplete development. Her Womb is the door for you and I as well as where God reproduces Himself over and over again. She’s more than just a Woman, her womb is an oval shape as well as Earth, there are 9 Planets, she drops her load after 9 months to give birth, the moon is on the same cycle as her menstruation cycle, every 30 days the moon rotates around the Earth. She’s more than just a Woman ! She is the other half of God Himself-Perfect ! She is more than just a Woman, She’s your Heaven here on Earth ! Her touch Mentally or Physically can change your mood. No Nation can Rise No Higher Than It’s Woman and she is to be respected, loved and protected at all times ! She’s more than just a Woman ! 75% of God’s work is with the Woman and 25% is with the Man. She’s more than just a Woman ! Man is 180 degree Knowledge and Woman is 180 degree Wisdom which gives 360 degrees a complete circle. She’s more than just a Woman, She’s His First Creation, after He Created Himself, how dare you disrespect the other half of GOD the WOMAN.

By: Tony X ( Streets ) Peace.

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