Introduction – James Wilford

Hello world, I wanted to start my profile off by giving much prop’s and thanks to Thoughts Beyond The Wall and it’s staff. My narme is James “Gumar Oz Dubar Allah” Wilford, I’m a writer from a small town here in Michigan called Albion, but was raised in Lansing, MI. I’m a black male, 6’2, 260 lbs, 42 years old, very intelligent, charismatic and down to earth ( for a horrible photo…smiles). I spend my days writing screenplays & learning my craft, exercising and investing in the most valuable thing I have (my mind)! Also fighting the injustice of over sentencing handed down to me from a known racist judge (30th Circuit, William Collect).
I don’t want to put pressure on anyone to be other then themselves. My goal is to meet a good woman w/a good heart who don’t mind laughing, joking, sharing thoughts and supporting me w/my writing and freedom. I’m open minded to listen to anything you want to share. Also I’m full of fun and surprises. If you have a open mind and cool w/a new experience PlEASE don’t hesitate to respond to me for a more personal build (conversation) via or snail mail: James Wilford #264510, 3225 John Conley Dr., Lapeer, MI 48446
As a member of The Nation of Gods & Earths(NGE) it’s customary to draw up how I see (3rd Eye) today’s degree (date) using the Supreme Mathematics and Supreme Alphabet. Today is the 11th, the 11th number in the alphabet is “K”, which is “King or Kingdom”. How I cee King or Kingdom is: A king(mind) is one w/the ability to direct and control his brain(body/flesh/dome)…thus, a King’s Dome is heaven!
Jesus was once asked were is the Kingdom of God(heaven) and he replied “The Kingdom of God is inside you.”(Luke 17: 20-21) Daily they continue to teach the masses that Heaven is a place rather then a state(condition of mind). If your like me then I bet you bought that hook line and sinker, never even stopping to question it. Personally I don’t know of anyone who has been to Heaven and came back to tell me about the experience. B.u.t now that you are informed you have the choice to choose to either remain ignorant or just plain gullible. Either way it’s up to you.
Life lessons has taught me that either you gonna control your brain or it’s gonna control you. Let’s be honest not everybody can control what they let get to them ( over due bills, stress, lost loved ones, etc.)….(to be to be continued… )

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