My Voice

My Voice- D. Newsome

(A Composition)

“MY VOICE … The verbal expression
Of all that I am inside,
Through ‘Thoughts Beyond The Wall’
No longer has to hide.

”MY VOICE … If I choose my words carefully
And speak with discretion,
Will allow society to see
I now move in a new direction.

“MY VOICE … Once confined
To a prison cell,
Can now reveal conditions
Of a living hell.

“MY VOICE … For over seven years
Screamed with pain,
From solitary confinement
And no help came.

“MY VOICE … At that point
Was muzzled & gagged,
Belly chains, leg irons
Mouth stuffed with a rag.

“MY VOICE … Booms Now!
Without orders of: ‘Hold it down’,
From Officers in solitary
With a menacing frown.

“MY VOICE … Now that it has
Your attention,
Will expose things
Once beyond your comprehension.

“MY VOICE … If you listen real close
You’ll hear the sound’
Of a man once lost
But has since been found.

“MY VOICE … Not heard
In 44 years,
Heavily weighed
With contrition and fears.

“MY VOICE … Give it the soothing sound
Of a mellow baritone,
Like the one heard
In your favourite song.

“MY VOICE … Will come twice monthly
Through ‘Thoughts Beyond The Wall’,
With hopes of enlightenment
For family, friends … maybe all.”


Duval Ismel Newsome El #149982
Thumb Correctional Facility
3225 John Conley Dr.
Lapeer, Michigan 48446

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