My Voice

My Voice- Nathaniel Gilbert

Before corona I wore a mask, socially distant first. I wanted my space–antisocial and introvert. Battling inner demons, without exposing my hurt. Silent begs for help, too prideful to say the words. Boiling with anger, I rolled up to suppress it. intoxicants didn’t do it, still the problems were present. Heard a voice in my head that encouraged aggression. Acknowledged an evil presence and knew I had to be better. Turning to God I prayed, “Help me I’m lost.” Father, I tried everything except give You my all. Please forgive me I’m a sinner, heart opened for you to enter. I surrender, and through Christ I know my position. Now I’m living like a king is supposed to live, and I’m focused in. Speaking outside the box, my thoughts beyond the wall trend. Heavyweight, trained by the invincible. Hoping for the future that my quote become a principle. Everyday I’m better, planning for that to continue. Took the past out the present and adjusted for the future. Mind over matter cause the mind is what matters. This was just a piece of mine broken down into letters. By: Nathaniel Gilbert #618518

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