By. Joseph Green

I’ve walked with no direction in sight,

I’ve walked this path all my life,

I walk this path that my ancestors have laid,

From brother Malcolm X to Sister Harriet Tubman.

From W.E.B Dubois to Angela Davis,

They walked this path generations before my time,

This path was created with the future youth in mind,

To be treated as an equal was all they ever wanted,

I walk on this path and I start to look around,

I see the blood and sweat of these men and women all on the ground,

I stop……and see nothing but death to my left,

I turn my head right and I see nothing but a culture on constant decline, So I focus my head straight looking for that bright future ahead,

Its far and I see many obstacles in my way,

I walk………….. and I walk……. How do I find the strength,

These pioneers of our culture had a purpose for creating this path,

They was fighting for freedom and equality of an entire race,

So this path I walk filled with clutter, thats caused by my own race,

Makes me upset because to those who died to lay this path,

is being shown the ultimate disgrace,

I walk…….and I walk……..while cleaning up the mess I helped to create,

I walk with the hope of making a difference,

I walk to show their hard work and blood was not in vain,

I walk with the purpose of creating a bright future for the generations to come,

I walk proud. because my skin shows my culture in physical form,

I walk this path to show we can be great,

I walk and I will continue to walk with my new purpose in sight,

I walk in the direction where my future will be bright,

I walk for my generation to make all things wrong, finally right……..

I walk…………

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