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My Voice – I. Bowling

By: Isaac L. Bowling #292438 My name is Isaac Lawrence Bowling, I’m 20 years old. I have been incarcerated since I was 15 years old for Conspiracy to commit home invasion 1st degree and I am due to be released in 2028.

Growing up in a low-income household was tough, my mom and stepfather were heavy into drugs for a short time and money was very hard to come by. I felt that it was my job to try and make money and get food for the house even if it was just a loaf of bread or a gallon of milk. Why I shouldered this burden is beyond me, I guess it’s just my nature to protect the ones I love. But this feeling started at a very young age. I was maybe only 9 years old, I used to stand up at admiral gas station on Ballenger Highway in Flint and pump people’s gas for a dollar, or sometimes I would cut grass or do miscellaneous yard work around the neighborhood for money. But as I grew up the feeling to make money for my family turned to self-greed and that instant gratification that as a young man I so craved for. I started to steal from the store which soon turned to breaking into cars which then turned to breaking into houses. During all that I never really knew too much about myself, and that may sound unusual but I never really paid attention, it was just get money by any means. But after being in prison for 4+ years and doing a lot of mental calibration I realized that I have a good and caring heart who always wants to help regardless of the benefits, and I realized I have a talent to learn things quickly and quite easily. When I was in school, I learned to play the Contra Bass and the Bass Clarinet and was pretty good at both. I got my GED in less than a week and I never even completed the 7th grade. I am currently studying Real Estate and Contracting through Stratford Career Institute and that’s also going great. All I want is to succeed in life and strive for greatness. I don’t want prison to be the definition of my life, just a bump in the road to greatness. Although prison has played a big role in me becoming the person I am today, I want to move past this part of my life and never look back. Some people may read this and feel that I’m using my past struggles as a young man as an excuse to break the law or be in this position, in fact that’s quite the contrary. The choices I made as a kid could and should have been avoided. I take full responsibility for my actions, and I hope that my story may inspire other kids going down the same path, to change their direction because there is much more to life than what they are experiencing. I will work harder and harder every day to make sure that my life story can become a source of hope or inspiration to others, that there is more to life than what may be portrayed through their environment.

Just go get it! Whatever you want you can get, if you plan for it and apply action to your goals! Prosper in life, because life is about living not surviving. Thank you for reading!

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