Broken Glass

I’m Shattered can u see my pain… Do u see the water leaking in? ‘Cause I can no longer keep out the rain… I’m Shattered in a million pieces, not broken… But one mistake and my whole existence could be open… To negativity and false-hearted intruders… Looking for what I got inside… thinking ‘cause I’m shattered that I’m weak and not a stable opponent… Capitalizing off my pain seeing the rain and not thinking how u can help…. but what u can gain… I’m fragile at the moment but sharp all the same…. I can cut deep… inflecting pain but what’s the use if I’m the one hurting… what a shame… I’m Shattered in many different places, cracked in all types of directions…. From being impacted by insults and careless ppl… Shattering me, Cracking me, Breaking me… more and more as days pass…. Don’t want to break but my glass is giving out fast…. Shattered glass, Shattered glass how long will u last.

Shukur B.

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