My Voice

My Voice – C. Jackson Bey

My voice is not often heard beyond the ears of these walls and many individuals of my past may think I speak the same language I once spoke. Which was the language of ignorance, the streets, a thug, hate, which was the voice of a boy mentally trapped. Now the voice you hear spoken is of a man who has been freed mentally & spiritually and sees life as a rare stone found in the middle of Egypt buried within the burning sands of an open desert. The voice you hear is of a man who has sought forgiveness from those I betrayed from my lack of respect at one hour for human life, my life, friends, family, and the community I resided in. As many have blessed me with the opportunity to make right for my wrongs, I ask Allah to touch the hearts of those I cannot reach at this moment and in due time that they will see & hear me for who I truly am. I have learned that in order to be a changed man one has to first realize that change is needed. Because if not we find ourselves stuck in the madness! We profess to have left behind and become the very definition of insanity doing the same thing expecting different results. I had to ask myself the one question many don’t take time to reflect upon within these walls. Which was: What do I live for? and as I contemplated to myself for many years! It finally hit me! I LIVE TO HELP THOSE IN NEED OF SAVING IN ORDER NOT TO MAKE THE SAME MISTAKES I HAVE & TO UPLIFT FALLEN HUMANITY. Now I use my voice to bring forth the truth to the unenlightened minds that a person can change! But only if they think their condition can be better. I use my voice so you all can know people such as myself do exist within these walls and that one bad apple doesn’t ruin the whole bunch because you pick the one bad apple out & save the rest. I use my voice to change the narrative for the forgotten men & women behind these walls who deserve another shot in society to show we can be productive members to our community as well as mentors to trouble teens who’s following in the footsteps of destruction. I know many can care less to hear my voice due to my past and the crime I committed which is murder, but it is my voice telling you I’m not that person! I am a human being that made a bad choice that I will regret for the rest of my life. I cannot change the past but if I could rewind the hands of time, that person would still be alive! and this voice you would know nothing of. As I have become transformed into the man who has found his voice & purpose in life, I am now dedicated to healing those who have been harmed from crime through using Restorative Knowledge I have obtained. As a transformed man who once committed violence now as an ex-offender will work to prevent violence by promoting Restorative Justice Principles because I have valuable experience & first-hand knowledge in this field. Being a transformed man who has aged within these walls have made me become more knowledgeable and I will continue to demonstrate Restorative Justice Principles through community/victim outreach, education, and societal reintegration along with sharing my voice with you all about the important matters at hand. I pray you who are readers of this take into consideration the famous saying: Not To Judge A Book By Its Cover! Because You Never Know The Read. So I ask the same for me and the many men & women behind these walls! Because you never truly know who an individual is if you refuse to hear our voice and to know us for who we truly have become. Remember Hearing is Believing! and one must learn from others mistakes because we won’t live long enough to make them all ourselves. Peace & Blessings!!!

Feel free to contact me through: Charles A. Jackson Bey #600271 Or write to Thumbs Correctional Facility 3225 John Conley Dr. Lapeer,Michigan 48446

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