by: Randal LeFevre

PAST- My name is Randal, and I grew up back and forth between Port Huron and Detroit, Michigan. I prided myself on being a street nigga and as a result, I’ve been locked up with the exception of 2 years, since the age of 16. I just turned 49.

At the age of 18, I shot someone 6 times and spent 7 1/2 years with FDOC. At the age of 26, I shot someone in the face and took their car and have spent 22 years with MDOC. Since being in prison, I’ve been prosecuted 5 separate times for assault on staff, weapons, and prisoner stabbings.

PRESENT- I am no longer a street nigga and I haven’t had a violent misconduct since Aug 2014. Despite not having any educational certificates for the first 17 years of my incarceration, I now have over 10. In addition, I have 3 credits for Christian Counselling and 15 credits for Social Work.

I am a Curriculum Co-Creator for Helping Those Left Behind and we are dedicated to the 3 R’s of prison reform; the rehabilitation, release, and reintegration of prisoners. I am also a featured author to RIP Books and have co-authored “Resurrected: The 67th Book of the Bible” with Keith Hudson.

FUTURE- upon release, I will continue to work hand in hand with Keith Hudson and promote the love of Jesus in a fashion that hasn’t ever been seen before. We have multiple businesses in various stages right now as we speak. Our goal is to win souls to Christ and impact lasting change.

So many people talk about what they are going to do once they go home, but the key to success is doing what you can where you are at. Thoughts Beyond The Wall is bringing multiple prisoners the opportunity to be their best and let their voice be heard.


Randal LeFevre #289197 can be contacted at Thumb Corr. Fac; 3225 John Conley Dr.; Lapeer, MI 48446. More info on his bio and movement can be viewed at and

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