R e a c h t h e U n a t t a i n a b l e

Knowing that life constantly expands, evolves and exceeds, is the very direction of aspirations. Creating, designing, refining, ever gaining, progressing, succeeding and arriving at that point of manifestation, is worth every moment of the journey. Being everything, it took to be the best version of the right now, is so attractive. The arousal of experiencing an idea in an ideal form, stretches the actions it takes to acquire it significantly.

What you will do is what your will do to experience the delight of destination after destination of ultimate purposes. Continually freeing yourself from any attempt to fall short of succeeding in understanding where you travel, why you travel, and persistently travel. However minuscule the tasks that must be tended to in order to achieve the connection to an ultimate purpose, done, with the very same passion. Each dot, every line, the vibes, how the rhythm beats in the heart and under feet, drives and rides the harmony and carries it throughout the universe. “In as much as freedom of will was given us from the beginning, according to [Edgar Cayce] our desire could have unlimited fulfillment were it not the fact….it has gone contrary to the universal good or to the law of universal love. Karma comes into play, then, only because we have not used our freedom of will, or desire, wisely. “PhD.Gina Cerminara “The World WIthin”

To Reach the Unattainable, respect, admiration and gratitude are mandatory requisites of maintaining, building and evolving the most glorious feeling, loving the life that is yours. Knowing that you are free to choose the dynamics of each experience; the way you feel, the way you see things, the way in which you will apply yourself or not, is limitless in its possibilities. Where feats, tasks, goals, conquest, mission, objective, direction, arrive in action instead of problems. Teaming with resolve, life flushing throughout your being, experiencing and being experienced. New apex, new heights, new views, new I’s, new you’s, new we’s, nothing unable to be perceived. Reach the Unattainable. KeepYourEyesWideMindWiseWhileBallinThruItAll 7

Noble files **** Realla Journals


Noble’Ju scroll:.11.27.2020

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