[Hypothetically speaking: WHAT IF … ?] Most Americans are familiar with the card game “SPADES”. The game is usually played with four players (partners or every man for himself … cutthroat). Bids are made according to the strength of each player’s hand. If s/he has Aces or Face Cards, the bid is high (higher still, if they are SPADES). Counting cards is essential to making ones bid. Of course, SPADES are always “TRUMP”, with the ability to cut other suits if that player has none. The person or team, holding the last “TRUMP” card, WINS!

American politicians has been playing a SPADE game for the past four [hundred] years, and very few players and onlookers has accurately coined the cards. Donald Trump’s (D.T.) bid to win a second term, seems to have come up short, as it appears he has lost the SPADE game to Joe Biden (J.B.). Yes, the Democrats played their ACE in the hole by getting out the (so-called) Negro, Black and Colored (NBC)(SPADE) vote. The NBC came out in droves in support of J.B. and propelled him to (what appears to be) victory.

So why is D.T. and Republicans refusing to acknowledge J.B. as the victor? Why are they claiming that “The Democrats stole the election” and that “Millions of votes were cast ILLEGALLY?” What are we missing? Have we not counted the cards correctly?

D.T. has fired top Pentagon Officials and replaced them with D.T. loyalist. Look at some of the statements of key Trump Ad. & Sen. Sec. of St. Mike Pompeo stated: “There will be a smooth transition to a second Trump Ad.” Att. Gen. Bill Barr has ordered Fed. Pros. to: “Find voting illegalities”. Sen. Ron Johnson(?) when asked if he called J.B. to congratulate him, responded: “Why, he hasn’t won anything.” Sen. Rick Scott also refused to acknowledge J.B. as the President Elect. Sen.Lynsey Gramm & Ted Cruz, not only refused to honor J.B., but encouraged D.T. not to concede and to “fight on”. The Sen. Majority leader, Mitch McConald, stated that D.T. was: “well within his rights to challenge the wide spread voting fraud in key battle ground states and to pursue his claims in a Court with the appropriate jurisdiction.”(The U.S. Supreme Court) All this while D.T. has ordered all Fed. Agencies: “Not to cooperate with J.B.’s transition team … no White House Intel Briefings and continue with normal operations.”

Again, what are we, as onlookers in this national SPADE game missing? Why is D.T. and his political cronies in the senate & House so confident that he will be declared the victor of the 2020 Elections? What do they know that “we” don’t? (WHAT IF …) D.T. was gearing up to play: “The Last TRUMP card” in the national SPADE game? All other cards have been played in what appears to be a winning hand by/for “President Elect” J.B. Now the world awaits D.T. to play.

Can America’s democratic process be “Trumped”? Sec. of St. Mike Pompeo also stated: “There is a process, and the Constitution says it pretty clearly … this process is going to be methodical and America need to be patient.” What’s in the U.S. Constitution that will allow for millions of votes to be declared ILLEGAL? Does not the constitution state that all citizens have the “right to vote”? So how could millions of “lawfully cast votes” be ILLEGAL? Are not so-called NBC people citizens of this great nation? According to the Constitution, NO!!! They have n Nationality! These “marks/names” were given to slaves by slave holders, and have never given those clinging to them, full citizenship. This is why the 14th & 15th Amend. were added to the U.S. Const. to give the NBCs the “privilege to vote” and Congress, in 1965, passed and signed into law, The Voting rights Act, to enforce that “privilege” unmolested by voter intimidation, etc. This Voting Rights Act has to ratify every 25 years by Congress and signed BACK INTO LAW by the sitting President. (WHAT IF …?) Ratification was due last year, and this “BILL” was currently on Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConalds desk UNSIGNED! And the Constitutionality of the names/marks of Negro, Black & Colored is challenged (in The Supreme Court) as not reflective of a Nationality under the 14th & 15th Amend.

What would this mean? It would be the ONLY WAY that D.T. could declare that millions of votes cast by NBC people were/are ILLEGAL and be right! [T]his would be “The Last TRUMP Card” in this National SPADE game. NBCs would have had NO LEGAL CONSTITUTIONAL ATHORITY TO VOTE IN THE 2020 ELECTIONS! And ALL ballots cast by those identifying themselves as Negro, Black or Colored would be voided under the Constitution, and there would be nothing anybody could do about it!

And, after a “Smooth transition of the second Trump Admin.” has taken place, D.T. could “Sign the Voting Rights Act of 1965” back into law, abolish the 14th & 15th Amend., and accurately claim to have “Done more for Blacks since Abraham Lincoln.” D.T. stated Nov. 5, 2020: “If you count the Legal Votes, I win easily.” He was right. His consolidation of power and refusal to conform to presidential norms, would be powerful indicators of him knowing the team/person holding the last TRUMP card … WINS! The ramifications of such a card being played would be huge! The world would shocked! NBCs awakened! And the Moorish Science Temple of America, Inc. would be overrunning with and by, NBCs seeking to proclaim their Nationalities and finally be recognized by this government as full American Citizens, under their Free National Name … MOORISH AMERICANS!

What makes the MSTA Inc., uniquely qualified to solve the NBC problem and nullify the SPADE game? Because:

“There is but one issue for them to be recognized by this government and of the earth and it comes only through the connection of the Moorish Divine National Movement, which is incorporated in this government and recognized by all other nations of the world. And through it they (NBC) and their children can receive their Divine (inalienable) rights, unmolested by other citizens that they can cast a free national ballot at the polls under the free national constitution of the States Government and not under a granted privilege as has been the existing condition for many generations.” (Moorish Literature, pg. 6) This is why its founder, Noble Drew Ali, said: “It’s going to take 10 secretaries (in some areas) and 16 secretaries (in other areas) just to write down the names (When He open the floodgates, and drive the Asiatics in).” Oral Statements No. 54 & 55.

In the Holy Bible, I Corinthians 15:51 & 52 it states: “Behold, I shew you a mystery (something we never knew); we (Asiatics) shall not all sleep (remain unconscious), but we shall all be changed (made aware, conscious). In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye (while nobody expected it), at (the playing of) THE LAST TRUMP (card): for the trumpet shall sound (the massage will be loud and clear), and the dead (Black people) shall be raised incorruptible (no longer able to be enslaved), and we (as Moors) shall be changed (from non-citizens to citizens).”


By: D. Ismel Newsome El #149982

November 13, 2020

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