By Toby R. Davis aka Naeem Nusaga ———————————————————–

IMAGINE YOUR LIFE as a motion picture; except it’s in the production phase and not yet ready to be viewed on the big screen. But you are indeed the sole ‘Chief Executive Officer’ of your life movie therefore you have the reserved right and authorization to edit the scenes in the movie how you see fit. So, begin now by exercising your power in the director’s chair. Remember: You control the narrative, the plot, and storyline. There may be some scenes you may need to delete, revise, or simply rearrange by changing up the scenery or the characters in it. You may even feel the need to holler “Cut!” or “Take 5!” just so you can reassess the footage you already have to make sure it conveys the right positive message and shot at the perfect angle. You may also want to fine tune your camera lens to make sure it is picture perfect. Without a doubt this is the biggest film you’ll ever produce in your life!

So, use this time to take pride and ownership of it. Take it all in. Be grateful for this opportunity and for your life. Slow down and bask in the moment. Reflect. Dare to dream outside the box (or block), reminding yourself that the best scenes are yet to come. Be careful who you allow to be a part of it. Consider it sacred. Take the time to meticulously select each scene and carefully vet each character before offering a role. Look for quality of style, grace, integrity, showmanship, potentiality, star performance and sheer drive to contribute meaningful content to your featured film. A line of actors is auditioning all around you right now, mostly as your family members, friends, associates, coworkers, and a plethora of others known as “fill-ins” – which are the ones you really have to be watchful of. A fill-in could be an understudy; or simply someone to fill in a certain part in the movie. They’re not really all that talented and will require a lot of practice, therefore, they should only be used if necessary. As the quality of your film will be determined by the quality of performance given by each actor on the grand stage of your life. Keep in mind that not everyone is worthy of a role in it and business is never personal. So, take the time to streamline your film and write poignant parts that others can relate to, because no movie is guaranteed a sequel.

As the executive director, you call the shots and ultimately decide who will get the leading role and who will be part of the cast based solely on your subjective observation. Control your set and lead by example, exhibiting professionalism at all times and make adjustments when necessary. Because this isn’t just the movie of your life, but also the chance of your life. Don’t allow your movie to be a low budget film when it has the potential to be a blockbuster!


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