Help Needed: By Charles Jackson Bey

Dealing with the Criminal Justice System we have to be mindful in order for change to actually take place a narrative is needed on the behalf of the men and women incarcerated within these walls. Most of society thinks anyone in prison belongs in prison and for us who committed crimes such as murder, robbery etc. Should never get out! and die within these walls not realizing we have a lot to offer back to society as rehabilitated men & women.

In order to start the narrative from a positive perspective certain programs have to be implemented such as Restorative Justice which allows victims & criminals to mend the broken wires. This allows the victim who has suffered to express their feelings and to release any hate or ill feelings they may have stored in their heart for years! towards that prisoner beginning a healing process.

Also this gives the victim a chance to see & hear the prisoner as a changed human being that might get considered for a future parole or commutation. As they can see first-hand the rehabilitation process through the prisoner showing empathy, sympathy, accountability & responsibility through the programs they have part taken in and not just another number or a caged animal about to be released back in society.

Be mindful not all victims will be willing to have a change of heart! due to the fact not all prisoners deserve another chance at freedom! but for those victims & prisoners that can come together is a major step in the right direction. As well as the way to restore honor by honoring one another, and the way we honor one another is through servanthood. Servanthood must be motivated by love-love for your community, love for God, or love for an honorable cause.

Now in the same breath prisoners need other motivation to change as well, meaning incentives need to be set in place such as good time leading to an early release. Along with more self-help & educational programs, think about this! if a prisoner knew they could go home early by taking more programs & could earn time off their sentence from working, remaining ticket free! and receiving more time off their sentence until they reach the max days that can be rewarded for good behavior.

No one!!! would want to miss or risk the opportunity of getting out of Prison Early! so guess what happens? you cut prison violence down to the bare minimum and give the men and women incarcerated within these walls hope. And hope produce change! and change allows dreams to become reality. But this threatens the order that has been for so long!

Which is Another issue before we can talk Criminal Justice Reform or Prison Reform, we have to Reform the minds of those in control over the incarceration system. Which is the Law Makers, Judges, Prosecutors, Attorneys, Police Officers, etc. Along with the unsympathetic citizens who believes that prisoners should be the last to receive educational subsidies.

This is the main stronghold that hinders the criminal Justice system to provide a meaningful environment for rehabilitation change on a global scale when those in power view prisoners as their slaves and source of income. Holding on to the mentality of the slave master refusing to let their slaves be free or wanting them to be educated. Because the violent Crime Control Act of 1994/1995 eliminated Pell grant postsecondary opportunities for prisoners. This law presupposes that prisoners are the least deserving of educational benefits.

So reform of the mind is needed from those in power along with programs that benefits those incarcerated as well as those in society. But most importantly laws has to change in favor of providing second opportunities & education for incarcerated men and women.

So when one would pose the question what would really help? consider the above information I have just shared including this, unity is the main key in a restorative justice process whereby all the parties with a stake in a particular offence come together to resolve collectively how to deal with the aftermath of the offence and it’s implications for the future.

As well as using platforms such as this to raise awareness for those who place us all in the same category being bias from a narrative that’s told falsely about all incarcerated men and women. And for those that have a voice and a love one, family member or friend incarcerated your help is needed by becoming involved.

Start by writing the governor on their behalf, attending meetings by organizations such as Safe & Just Michigan that advocates for Prison & Criminal Justice Reform. And become the voice for a new narrative that breaks the cycle of modern-day slavery!

As the famous saying states: United We Stand Divided We Fall! and long as we are torn on the matter at hand we will never have a meaningful environment for rehabilitation.

Feel free to contact me through J-pay. com. or by mail:

Charles A.Jackson Bey#600271

Thumb Correctional Facility

3225 John Conley Drive

Lapeer,MI 48446

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