Intro: Lawrence Dantzler-Bey

Hello Readers of My Thoughts,

My name is Lawrence Dantzler-Bey #181647. This is my first writing. I will inform you of who I use to be, who I am today, and who I plan to become in the future. So, let’s dive right into our first order of business.

The vision I’ve had of myself has evolved over the years from bad to good, but greatness is in my destiny. The first day of my life began 35 years ago when I became incarcerated at 18 years of age and was sent to the Michigan Reformatory. I knew nothing of the world or myself, but in my way of thinking, I knew everything before my eye-opening experience.

In my adolescent years, I have hurt members in my society (in more ways than one) and not to mention my family. When I began to grow as an individual, I start owning up to the things I’ve done. I stopped making the victim a victim. I quit saying, “I did this because of that. Or I would not have done this if this would not have happened.” For the first time in my life, I now could see the world for what it is and where I stood in it. I had to accept the fact that I was ignorant and knew nothing. Then I was able to learn how to walk upright. This way of thinking transformed this boy into a man child with a purpose in life. I could not have evolved without being introduced to a man named NOBLE DREW ALI. This man is an Angel to me who saved me from myself. I could not take credit for my successes without giving him honors.

I am now 54 years old. Along this journey, I decided to learn as much as I could, so whenever I return to society, I would have the greatest chance to succeed. I am a Moorish-American Asiatic Moslem, a pianist, bilingual in Spanish, an artist, a youth mentor and educator, and less than a year from receiving my associate degree in business management. I am truly a people’s person. In my spare time I like to play bridge, pinochle, and chess. I also invest time in equities every day. And last but not least, my family means the world to me.

My future life is to show the world that no matter what hand life has dealt you, you can still become everything that Heaven intended for you to become. Before I leave this plane of flesh, I want to try and save as many young minds like mine as I can from traveling the rode I have.

My vision and evolution from bad to good can only leave me in the arms of Greatness. I now want you to walk with me as we journey this destined road together.

Until we meet again. Peace!

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