Joseph X – Jan 2021

I need your help, please help me spread this message to the world.

Hi everyone.

I hope your day is going well. Mine is definitely not. Fear is clawing at my insides, and stress has my neck muscles twitching and tugging on my head. Back in March, I, and 80% of the prison I am housed at contracted covid-19. We were told not to worry, that we cannot catch it twice, that we have an immunity. Well, for the last few months we’ve been tested every Wed, and yesterday our tests began to return and showed that many of the people who caught it back in March have now contracted it again.

My unit is back in quarantine. 5 of my friends have been re-infected. So, for those of you who talk to me on the phone, if you do not hear from me for a while, that means that my test also came back positive and I too have been reinfected. There is nowhere for me to run. Nowhere for me to hide. The state refuses to let any of us out. I’ve spent 25 years in prison and that is still not enough time for them. Like I predicted back when this all started, they are going to leave us all in here to keep being reinfected by this horrible virus until it kills us. And for me, someone with Kidney disease and Asthma, I’m still dealing with side-effects from my last battle. I don’t think I deserve to be tortured–because that’s what it amounts to at this point–with covid again. God bless you all. Stay safe. I hope the government treats you better than us, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

As Salaam Alikum Joseph X,

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