Good News – Isaac Bowling

Isaac Bowling #292438

I just wanted to write to say that I finally got some good news from the Michigan Supreme Court. They vacated my 12-to-20-year sentence for conspiracy to commit first degree home invasion and remanded me back to the trial court to conduct a juvenile sentencing hearing pursuant to MCL 769.1(3)/MCR 6.931(A).

The trial court never conducted this hearing before incorrectly sentencing me as an adult when I was 16, for a non-capital offense. At the hearing, the court has to determine if it is in the best interest of the community and me to sentence me as a juvenile or as an adult. If they deem that I should be sentenced as a juvenile I would be remanded to state wardship until I’m 21 (either juvenile probation or juvenile detention).

If they deem, I should be sentenced as an adult, they have to correct my previous minimum guideline range which was 87 to 145 months and adjust them to be 36 to 60 months based off of various PRV and OV points that were originally miss-cored. I will have served 60 months in May 2021. So no matter which outcome, 2021 is looking like the year I will be coming home! It is very much a blessing to finally get action from an appellate court, especially from a pro-per motion. Also, hopefully this encourages more of my fellow inmates to keep at the fight! They are listening to us! They will never get away with the injustices that occur in many if not all cases. Keep fighting and keep learning!

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