How do I plan to make a positive impact in the lives of others this year?

By: Joseph Green

How do I plan to make a positive impact in the lives of others this year?

“We must educate ourselves and our children to the rich power of knowledge which has elevated every people who have sought and used it. We must give the benefit of our knowledge to the elevation of our people.” – Hon Elijah Muhammad

I started my post with this quote from a great and powerful man because I wanted to reinforce the importance of obtaining knowledge. As well as the power you obtain once you acquire it. It’s impossible to make a positive impact in the lives of others if you lack knowledge. What could you share that’s conducive and productive?

Our actions are guided by either ignorance or wisdom. The consequences produced are either negative or positive. If I lack the knowledge of SELF, God, devil, economics to name a few, how can I provide or make a positive impact in the lives of anyone. Ignorance produces negative consequences. Knowledge produces positive consequences. If we don’t provide the youth and those leaving prison with opportunities to succeed by giving them the knowledge of self and economic stability. How can we ever expect them to be positive lights in the community.

This past year of 2020 we witnessed the lack of knowledge and awareness people possess. Ignorance was seen on our TV’s, computers, and daily in our communities. We witnessed the blatant murder of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor played over and over. Racial and social injustices came to the forefront only to be met with opposition. This opposition has been seen and spearheaded by the highest position held by any man in this country. His ignorance and unwillingness to deal with covid 19, racial and social injustice, criminal reform has caused the death, imprisonment, chaos, division, and distrust of an entire country. His ignorance produced negative results. Time after time he refused to follow the wisdom and knowledge of those before him.

Sadly, the black communities’ ignorance is at an all-time high. With the constant shootings and murders in multiple city’s we have to ask if Black Lives Truly matter? If so to who? These murders happen for what, land that you don’t own, women you don’t know, and something called pride and ego.

I give all praise to Allah (God) for his intervention in my life. My experience and journey although tough were much needed. It provided me with the opportunity to truly educate myself. Today I’m equipped with the wisdom to produce positive consequences. I must continue to strengthen my spiritual foundation as I continue to educate myself. In hopes that I may one day help others.

In 2021 I plan to positively impact others by being an example through actions not words and lip service. We will continue to help the writers at T.B.T.W have a voice outside these walls. Their stories provide wisdom gifted to them through the many years of experience. Which has provided them with a positive perspective on life. I plan to raise money for multiple organizations and worthy causes. Remember freedom is a mental state. I’m going to be an active member of my community despite my current circumstances.

Please continue to share this blog with family and friends. I’m showing that nothing can interfere, and nothing is more powerful than the made up mind of a black man. I truly encourage everyone to make a positive impact in the lives of someone this year. Positivity over negativity. Only by unity can we fight the powers that be….it starts with us………it’s starts with you; it starts with me.

Happy New Year

2 replies on “How do I plan to make a positive impact in the lives of others this year?”

Dear Joe. Very glad to hear you are working on improving the lives of others through service, mentorship and fundraising. Please let me know of any other details and I will share this information on social media. As you say, “Freedom is a mental state”, and I can think of no truer words in this day and age. Best of luck as you navigate your efforts.


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