The true value of Human Life …

“The true value of Human Life …

Love it not selfishly,

But for the good it may be of to others.”

(D. Newsome El #149982)

Greetings from the inside!

This month topic is special to me because it reflects something I’ve dedicated myself too, and that’s “Making a Positive Impact” on those with whom I deal. The former First Lady, Michell Obama, often stated: “To whom much is given, much is required.” I believe this to be true, especially during times of adversity.

Prison provides a perfect atmosphere for those blessed with the ability to uplift a brother (or sister). However, in here, one must be careful and choose his words and opportunities with discretion. I was once asked by a “Gang Leader” to write something that would assist him in recruiting younger men join his particular “Group”. Naturally I refused the suggestion, but I offered one of my own. I agreed to write “something” for him and if he liked it, he could give it to members of his “Group” as a test of loyalty & dedication. He agreed … and I did. The following is a complete transcription of that paper.

Manhood and “THE GROUP”

[Expectations & Obligations]

Too many young men take their self-obligations for granted and thus fall short of those expectations that would ultimately distinguish them as Men and not boys. This short work will not attempt to cover all the misconceptions of Manhood; and will only reflect (briefly) on the Obligations & Expectations of true Manhood as they relate to “The Group”.

In any given situation a Man will seek out, and foster, that which will bring out the best within himself and those with whom he deals. In prison, Men are faced with (and placed under) very unique conditions that constantly challenge their Manhood within various “Group” like settings. For those that are part and partial of a structured organization (“Group”), the challenge is huge! While remaining true to the structure and principles of “The Group”, he must find a balance with his individuality and be true also, to himself. This, to the uninitiated, might seem contradictory, but the two actually go hand and hand. If Man loves “The Group” he has dedicated himself too, then showing love [f]or “The Group” is nothing more (in his mind) then a reflection of the love he has for himself!

Thus, if the organization (“Group”) is worthy of his time and attendance, then meeting its Expectations & Obligations will be as natural as honey to a bee. Honor, respect and loyalty in “The Group” are not givens, they are a must! Hidden within all three of these is: SACRIFICE! He who is willing to sacrifice finds himself rising through the ranks and respected by all. Most young Men of this day have dedicated themselves to one “Group” or another. Most join seeing their Manhood, while others join for a sense of family & commonalty. There are a few, however, who join because they sincerely believe the “Growth and Development” concept expressed by the leadership thereof.

The main attraction to “The Group” is, however, security … strength through numbers. One who commits to “The Group” is instructed that BOYS can only become MEN therein by committing themselves to the goals and principles of its structure and fulfilling the Expectations & Obligations therein … Self-Sacrifice!

Remember, a Man will seek out and foster the best within himself as well as others. You have to ask yourself: “Is ‘The Group’ of which I belong for the right thing(s)?” If not, you must be Man enough only to recognize that it’s not, but also realizes that the secret to Manhood was never inside “The Group”! That if you are going to unfold into a state of true Manhood, then you must have the courage, as a Man, to … SPLIT the GROUP … GRO / UP!!! And take your rightful place in the affairs of MEN!!!

Please … Think for a change!

By: D. Ismel Newsome El #149982

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