By: Charles A. Jackson Bey

As we start 2021, we are hoping for change and things to be better than they were last year. For most people things will eventually change for the best and for the rest that’s incarcerated within Michigan Prisons we will have to live under the mandatory new norm, with the same rules of the plantations we reside.

For those that have been following thoughts beyond the wall blogs, might recall a post I did called: Funding Our Own Incarceration. And I urge you all to read it again especially since we have seen another hike in prison store prices! while prison wages have yet to go up! nor will they if we keep buying into their corruption at the expense of our love one’s financial means & our labor for pennies off dollars! within the institutional setting.

Since the passing of the stimulus Cares Act package which allowed every U.S. citizen to receive $1,200 hundred dollars. The people in power over the Incarceration Plantations throughout the United States didn’t expect prisoners their (slaves) to reap any of those benefits. But a Federal court ruled in (Scholl v. Mnuchin) that qualifying incarcerated people were now eligible to receive the federal stimulus check.

Congress passed the corona virus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (“CARES Act”) in March 2020, which provides emergency relief to eligible individuals through Economic Impact Payment (EIP). Although the IRS previously said that incarcerated people were not eligible, the law firm Lieff Cabraser and the Equal Justice Society filed a lawsuit, and on September 24 a Judge ruled that this was unlawful. The Court Ordered the IRS to stop denying payments to people solely because they are incarcerated, and to make payments to people who were previously denied one because of their incarcerated status.

Now knowing this was Law, the prison administration couldn’t do nothing! but honor the payments that was soon to be in prisoners accounts. So a plan was created to gain those checks from the accounts of prisoners, by making sure Restitution that was owed is paid with all of the 1,200 hundred or at least half and raising store prices on all items! being order weekly by prisoners.

Knowing for those who don’t owe any court cost! or restitution wouldn’t escape without paying their just due either, so raising prisoners store prices would ensure the prison administration get their cut & hands deeper! in everyone pockets and would have the checks we received one way or the other.

Which their plan is working!!! and theirs nothing! they feel anyone can do about it! because they have been doing it! for years!!! But I Encourage you to get involved by contacting the Governor of Michigan, State Senators, the director of Lansing, Hedi Washington to address these issues on the behalf of those you know incarcerated within these walls.

Especially when covid is on the rise! throughout Michigan prisons and we are subject to a Death Sentence!!! if we are less fortunate to overcome this virus. Which the MDOC can care less about! and only concerns themselves with financial gain! by any means necessary!

When safety should be their top priority! for those within their earliest release date & those who has medical & underline health conditions with over 20 to 30 years! in should be up for strong considerable commutations or out on parole. But instead, it’s all about the number game! and we are nothing but another pay day.

So while the new norm for us is to wear mask! or we risk being wrote a ticket! told to practice social distance and we lock in a housing unit that holds 96 prisoners. Not to mention we all use the same bathrooms, the same phones, the same microwaves, and share the same TV rooms etc. Go to breakfast, lunch, & dinner together! it’s practically impossible!!! to social distances among each other.

But the root of the problem is staff & C.O’s coming in from society! after being around God knows who! asking for shakedowns! and going from cell to cell potentially spreading and infecting us with covid! this week I might be negative but next week I could be positive. All because correctional officers! and administrative staff members could care less whether we live or die.

So the rules remain the same for us who reside within the incarceration system! which is being treated like we are less than human. Along with being subject to anything they force upon us because long as they think we remain voiceless! and have No outside support the prison system they will continue to get away with murder! and highway robbery! with no gun.

If we don’t stand for something! then we will continue to fall for any and everything! so the time is now we need the support of those who believe in change to speak out on the injustice that’s being done to us. Remember United We Stand! & Divided We Fall! and that Nothing Comes to a Sleeper but a Dream so make this a Reality!!!

Feel free to contact me through j-pay .com or write:

Charles A. Jackson Bey #600271

Thumbs Correctional Facility

3225 John Conley Drive Lapeer, Michigan 48446

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