Self Improvement Is The Basis For Community Development.

By J.C. Riley #288310

I once read it in a book some years ago, You Can Change The World. Making an Impact on the world around you is such a lofty goal, and a noble one if the impact you seek to make is positive on the world as a Whole.

As I read the book, I don’t remember the author, I did notice it gave several examples of people who had made what seemed to be small or minor contributions in the form of ideas, inventions, or interventions. However, on a grand scale, these small, seemingly minor accomplishments turned out to be contributions that transformed the world as we know it today.

I also fail to remember the names of some of the individuals. The names are unimportant compared to what they did. A simple fact that supports the idea that You and I, no matter who we are, or where we are located, can indeed Change the World.

One of the people in the book (and you can probably Google this) was the guy that came up with the device that transfers power on the power lines to allow people to plug in common appliances at home without an electrical overload. His devices changed not only the lives of people across the globe, but how modern society functions, at a fundamental level.

Another person was a woman in the British Military some time at the turn of the 20th Century who created a field manual for cleaning battlefield hospitals. Her use of alcohol as a cleaning agent for wounds and surgical tools revolutionized battlefield medicine and saved countless lives since being used Universally.

But the question is, what can I do to make an impact on the lives of the people around me? How can making an impact on the lives of the people around me help me?

In religious circles, no matter what your denomination is, you find what we call Blessings. In some African Traditions you find what we call Ashe (pronounced Ash-shay). Whatever you call it, our circumstance in life is largely dependent on how we interact with the world and the energy we bring to it. If you bring negative energy, you get negativity. If you bless other people, you receive blessings in response. As a result of putting our hands to positive works we build up a Spiritual Capital, Ashe, which can be used to bring success in other undertakings we pursue.

Which leads us back to the title of this article, Self Improvement Is The Basis For Community Development. A wise man said it long ago and it still holds true today. There are so many problems in this world, Viruses, Vaccines, Villains, and Vampires. All of these problems in the world begin with You and Me.

(Did he just say Vampires???)

How can a person claim to make an impact on the world around them without first making foundational improvements in their own personal lives? On the other hand, by solving some of the problems I have in my own personal life I can become an instant inspiration to the people around me. If I address the demons of alcohol, drugs, violence, arrogance in my own life, how many people might it inspire around me?

Making an impact on the world around you isn’t as simple as “Thinking Positive” or writing out your intentions. Real Work has to be done on the Real Heart inside our Real Minds. A Real Effort has to be made see our Real Reflection for who we are.

(There goes that Vampire again, smile.)

By examining who we are and what we are capable of, we’re soon to find out what or who we can also become -to ourselves and to the world around us. And this is what I plan to do to make an impact on the world around me.

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