“The System” / “Black Lives” / “Systemic Racism”

Under the America system of government, the title Black, according to the science behind its original application to people of Moorish descent, means death. This system of government functions according to the physicological philosphy under which it was concieved & designed and therefore, IT IS NOT BROKEN!

Under this system, inferior titles were given to those who experienced the institution of slavery. Under this system, the Nationality, Religion, Culture & Language was stripped from the would be slaves; leaving them nameLESS, shameLESS, aimLESS and mentally dead! With no knowledge of their true selves, National origin, or their God, they were thoroughly debased from the Human Family of Nations as: “Negros”, “Colored Folks” and “Black People”! This is the image Nations of the world see when you identify yourself as a Black, Colored of Negro Man/Woman! And you wonder why the world is un-sympathetic to your cries for Justice.

In this unconscious (dead) state of mind, “Black People” claim that the America System is broken because its not inclusive of those it never viewed or considered, as human beings. “But they freed us from slavery”, some would argue. True freedom would not only have been a total inclusion within their system of government, but the total restoration of those things stolen and stripped from the former slaves, e.g.: their Nationality & Divine Birth Rights as citizens of this Nation and further, the complete removal from ALL RECORDS, those demeaning/derogatory names/titles that delude to slavery (Negro, Black, Colored, etc.).

Despite all your best efforts to “Change their System” and redefine the name/title of Black s BEAUTIFUL, POWERFUL, or something to be PROUD of, evidence of The Systemic Racism, inherent in their system of government, is prevalent and consistently manifested thru overt acts of killing their “Black People”.

In their minds, they are justified in killing that which they created (and own), and that which they consider … already dead!!! Yes, 450 years later, their system still works … even better now, than originally intended. Why? Because you continue to accept and live under, the most derogatory title of all their slave names … “Black” … as your identity!

So yes, “BLACK LIVES” do matter … to those who created “Black People”!!! PICTURE THIS: Three men are protesting racial inequality. Each carry a sign. The first one reads: “Irish Lives Matter!” The second one reads: “Jewish Lives Matter!” And the last one reads: “Black Lives Matter!” Which one MATTERS LESS, and WHY!?

(“If a person is content to live a lie, be content to let them live it.” D. Ismel Newsome El #149982)

Note: Your level of contentment only comes after a diligent effort to convey to them, the Truth.

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