2021: The Possibilities are Endless

By: Deshawn Crenshaw #270497

I’m looking to start an outreach that will enable men behind the wall to have better involvement in the community. This year will be special; I’m looking forward to coming home and having a positive impact on our youth. Uniting mentors and other leaders is paramount to this reality.

I’m also looking to work more with retired Attorneys, Judges and former lawmakers to affect change. The possibilities are endless and attainable. 2021 is and will be God’s year!

This year, I’m also looking forward to raising awareness of “The newly emerging Developmental Science”. This science addresses Late Adolescence (ages 18 to 20). The studies have shown that this “class” of adolescents possesses some of the same characteristics of middle adolescents.

Why is this important? This “brain science” speaks, that the maturation of the prefrontal cortex extends beyond the age of 17. The adoption and mandating of this science will impact the lives men and women who were of that class at the time of their crime, and currently serving LWOP (Life Without Parole).

Our Federal Government acknowledged this science when it told Late Adolescents in 2020 that if you’re between the ages of 18 to 20, you are no longer able to purchase tobacco. Tobacco is now on the long list of NO NO’S for our youth, along with buying guns, alcohol and going to strip clubs, just to name a few.

Contact info: Find me on under; Deshawn Crenshaw #270497. I’m located at the Muskegon Correctional Facility here in the State of Michigan.

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