By: Demetrius Brasher #234214

HAMJAMBO WATU WAZURI! (Swahili for hello my beautiful people)

This past year has been very tumultuous, and life altering to say the least for everyone here and abroad. With respect to four years of Trump, a pandemic and worldwide protests for George Floyd, Ahmad Aubrey and Brianna Taylor, we are all mentally and emotionally drained. Our world has changed forever. We haven’t experienced anything like this in modern day history in over one hundred years. The world we once knew exists no more. Millions of jobs are gone, and thousands of businesses have failed leaving millions of families at their wits end. We have taken so much loss as a whole. What the world needs now is, “POSITIVITY”!

In spite of my current condition, I believe it’s important to lead by example. I have a very positive attitude, and I am very optimistic about life. I see the universe and everything in it as an extension of myself. Therefore, I approach every living thing as if I’m dealing with myself. With love and respect. With empathy and common courtesy. Understanding the psychological trauma endured over the past year, I feel obligated to motivate, inspire, inform, educate and love on people/myself. They need to know that someone cares. The most effective method of showing concern is by relinquishing your time. I speak to people daily just to ask, “how are you doing?”. This goes a long way, because you never know what a person is going through. As human beings we have the tendency to carry the weight of the world on our shoulders without having a release valve. I allow myself to be a soundboard for those who feel comfortable enough to use me. Listening is one of the most effective forms of communication. When advice is requested, I give it.

I use all forms of communication to inspire people through quotes, affirmations and words of encouragement. I’ve been doing it so long now that my family, friends and loved ones depend on me for it. Drug use, depression and domestic violence are at an all-time high. So many people do not have the knowledge of self, nor the power over their thoughts, emotions and feelings. When life takes a turn for the worst, we all need to have something or someone to lean on. I am that person for a lot of people, and that list continues to grow. So my answer to this month’s topic is to continue doing what I’m doing. I’ll conclude with this excerpt from a great book I read entitled, “CONVERSATIONS WITH GOD”: Everything you do you do for yourself. This is true because you and all others are ONE. What you do for another, you therefore do for you. What you fail to do for another, you fail to do for you. What is good for another is good for you. What is bad for another is bad for you. This is the most basic truth. Yet it is the truth we most frequently ignore.

Mpaka Halafu! (Swahili for until next time)

Demetrius Brasher #234214


Muhammad The God!

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