Greatest Ancestral Influence

“My next hurdle is behind the one I’m facing.” – D. Ismel Newsome El #149982

The slaves that were brought here from The Mother Land (Africa) were of Moorish Ancestry. This little known fact was revealed to the Moors of North America in 1913A.D. by a man sharing that ancestral linage, through his founding of The Moorish Science Temple of America, Inc. His name: Noble Drew Ali, the least known influential figure in “so-called” African American History!

It was/is through his teachings that I found the truth about my National Origin, Divine Birth Rights as a human being and the Religion of my forefathers and mothers.

While I truly honor and respect those historic figures that fought for me before I knew what a fight was all about (Martin L. King; Malcolm X, Mega Evers, etc.), none reconnected me to the descent nature of my forefathers, and taught me my Nationality as a Moorish American and all the birth-right inherent therein.

Being “Black”, “Colored” or a “Negro” does not reflect or delude to a Nationality… only slavery and a mentality that stems from that institution. “African American” is not a Nationality. Africa is a Continent, consisting of many Countries and many Nationalities.

My greatest influence and inspiration has come from one who didn’t have the loudest voice or the biggest platform from which to shout. It comes from a Man who, when he spoke, only spoke loud enough for the person in the back of the room to hear him. A Man born January 8, 1886, in the State of North Carolina… Noble Drew Ali.

I cannot reconnect with my ancestral forefathers without passing through the institution of slavery and those Moors who suffered its atrocities. And in honor of them, I don’t see them as people made into Negros, Colored or Black People, I see them as Moorish American, descendent of Moroccans, brought to, and born in, America.

The psychological scars of accepting and living under names/marks that delude to slavery cut deep into the minds of former slaves. So much so, it has produced a people suffering from Mental Slavery, where Sin has become their Master in place of Europeans. The only Freedom from Mental Slavery, is to stop clinging to names and practices that delude to slavery. This thinking, this Freedom, is not just a practice for 28 (days) a year, but for a lifetime. PEACE!

Duval Ismel Newsome El #149982

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