By: J.J. Murriel #406018

Struggle is said to be ordain, broken mirrors still show the pain. Slavery is where we got the name, it’s an American thing, never changing it, but chasing fame, uplifting this American name. To acknowledge it should come with shame, but struggle is said to be ordain.

We broke bondage, we broke chains, with handcuffs around brains, and we still can’t get way from the name. Dressing it up calling it slang. A form of endearment forgetting the pain associated with the name. But struggle is said to be ordain!!!


A word so powerful, yet so powerless because to some it makes perfect sense. Showing our growth in tolerance of ignorance, or is it our acknowledgement of the 13th amendment placing us back in slavery for felonies and prison bits. We’ve got lost and forgot our ancestor’s mission for black people to be free and not Niggas!!!

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