Keep Putting Out That Inspiration!

By: Isaac Bowling #292438

An African American person who has inspired my change and growth to be the person I am today is actually a rap artist by the name of Lil Durk.

And this may seem odd since a lot of his music might be considered to be on the “explicit” side, but actually the things he raps about not only inspire me to do better in life, but it gives me a deep appreciation for life and gives me hope that opportunity to do the things I only dreamt of as a kid from the struggle is available to me whether I know it or not.

This African American man made it out of the streets of Chicago with nothing but his talent to stand on. This is a man who is not only a voice for his city and culture, but a voice for his generation, and an artist who honestly I believe is underrated!

Lil Durk, an African American rap artist, continues to inspire me to do better and appreciate life, and always shoot for the stars and achieve my dreams! And I’m sure I am not alone!

Keep putting out that inspiration!

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