Just Passing Through

Name: Ahjamu Kahlifah Baruti

a.k.a. – slave name: Richard Carter

Hostage No: #178539

Topic: The Afrikan-American person that has personally inspired and influenced my growth and change here in the BELLY OF THE BEAST (prison):  Malcolm-X (El-Hajj Malik Shabazz).

Malcolm-X, was born Malcolm Little in Omaha Nebraska on May 19, 1925.

White vigilantes ran the little family out of Nebraska and they settled in Lansing, Michigan—where Malcolm spent his early childhood.

After the suspicious death of his father, his mother moved the little family to Detroit and they were separated as a family.

Malcolm dropped out of school after the eighth grade and went to Boston to live with his older sister, and later moved to Harlem in New York.

At the age of fifteen Malcolm began a life of crime and begin to be known as Detroit Red or Big Red.

Before reaching his twenty-first birthday, Malcolm was sentenced to serve from eight to ten years in a Massachusetts prison for burglary.

Upon entering prison, Malcolm went through his redemption and this period of time became the turning point in Malcolm’s life.

MALCOLM USED His prison time wisely by self-educating himself. Malcolm became an “avid” reader of books, and read the entire Webster’s dictionary to expand his vocabulary.

While in prison Malcolm was introduced to the teachings of the most Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

Upon his release from prison in 1957, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad bestowed the name Malcolm-X to him, dropping his surname (Little).

Through my own personal redemption and transformation here in prison through the reading and studying of books, I’ve evolved to be known as Ahjamu (Warrior) Khalifah (vicegerent) Baruti (Teacher).

I’ve become an avid reader of books stimulating and elevating my mind (thoughts) by turning my cell into a classroom—-as Malcolm used his prison time wisely and did not let the time use him— I’ve done the same!

I’m aware that prison is not my final destination—I’m just passing through and preparing for my mission that Allah (God) has in store for me. Upon my release back into society Isha-Allah (if it be the will of God).


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