By: D. Newsome El #149982

***July 22, 2022***


Vaccine Skepticism Kills Millions!

Millions of African Americans die after refusing Vaccines that would have prevented the onset and spread of Covid-19.

Fear and vaccine skepticism among African Americans was by no means unjustified. In the early 1930’s, hundreds of African American men were inoculated with the most virulent strand of syphilis (a contagious venereal disease). Known as: “The Tuskegee Experiment”, these men (600 in total) were denied treatment, then returned to their respective communities to cohabit, mingle and spread this disease. Hundreds died as they were unconsciously being used as guinea pigs for vicious European experiments!

European settlers treaded “blankets” with Native American Indians, infected with the “Small-pox Disease”, killing thousands in an attempt to steal their land.

From the mid-1960s (to this present day), the U.S. Government flooded African American communities with drugs. Thousands were addicted, died and imprisoned; countless lives were destroyed under the false labels of “War on Crime” and the “War on Drugs.”

While skepticism among African Americans was justified; it was wrongly incorporated to refuse a lifesaving vaccine. Covid-19 crossed ALL borderlines! It considered neither religion, race, politics, age nor social status … IT BARRED NONE!

Had the Government stated only African Americans were required to take Covid-19 vaccines, because Europeans were somehow immune or had a very low infection rate, red flags and skepticism would have been warranted.

African American skepticism, inherently appropriate, placed them in a modern day Catch-22. On the one hand, they died from Covid-19. On the other hand, they died from Covid-19. Sadly, the only beneficiaries behind these senseless death, are those who harbor ill will for African Americans and delight in their suffering. If only they had made a more informed decision, this tragic amount of deaths could have been avoided.

[Note: ***This futuristic article was written with hopes of motivating my Brothers & Sisters to take the Covid-19 Vaccine. I DID!]

{“Small minded men make small arguments; while those in positions of power create conditions that propagate them.” D. Ismel Newsome El #149982}

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