COVID-19 vs. Killer Joe

By: D. Ismel Newsome El #149982

I’ve stomped prison yards,

For over 43 years;

Made my bones,

Thru blood, sweat and tears.

I’ve seen the baddest S.O.B.s,

Come and go;

But the meanest M.F.,

Was Killer Joe.

I saw Joe take down six,

They all had knives;

Notices sent out,

To next of kin and wives.

“Hey Joe!” I yelled,

To give him the news;

“There’s a new killer in town,

And he don’t wear blues.”

“They say he’s a virus,

And doesn’t bar none;

He’s killed over 50,000,

And didn’t need a gun.”

“Take this mask,

And wash your hands;

Protect yourself Joe,

As best you can.”

Old Joe was defiant,

Took everything to task;

“I’m a natural born killer,

I ain’t wearing no mask!”

“Only a fool fears,

What he don’t understand;

I ain’t scared of no virus;

And I ain’t washin’ my hands!”

When Joe entered his room,

He touched the door knob;

His hand came in contact,

With a microscopic glob.


Had made its mark;

And when Joe rubbed his eyes,

It attacked his heart.

Old Joe took ill,

And was laid to rest;

With his last dying breath,

Admitted he’d been best.

Yeah, killed Joe was a beast,

The coldest I’ve seen;

Until he ran across the one,


[This poem was written from solitary confinement May 1, 2020, three days after I was diagnosed with Covid-19.]

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