Historic Black Leaders

By: Charles X

To say that I’ve been influenced by just one of our Historic Black Leaders would be an incorrect statement. All of them have played intimate roles in inspiring me and shaping me into the man that I am today. Each Leader led in his own way and fashion. Even though the message may have been mostly the same, he or she still had his/her own way of speaking, moving and thinking.

Harriett Tubman was Powerful in her aggressive pursuit of Freedom and Justice.

Frederick Douglas spoke eloquently and passionately about the Civil Rights of our Beautiful Black People.

Noble Drew Ali brought Islam to this Western Hemisphere and Marcus Garvey instilled within us the Knowledge that we were more than just slaves, we are Men and Women of great power and Divine Spirit.

Elijah Muhammad gave to us a way by which we can obtain a true and complete Freedom from all exterior enemies as well as interior ones. He didn’t just leave us either, for he left in our midst he who would continuously Remind us and Guide us away from all temptations.

So there is no one who inspired or influenced me. I am inspired and influenced by them all. I am all of them compiled into one——ME. I am the sum total of them all and I am proud to be able to represent them. I grow and evolve because of their teachings.

I consume knowledge filtered through what they have given to me and the World. The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan is the Jesus of today doing the same things today that Jesus of 2000 years ago did.

Why would just one of these great Blackmen influence us, when all of them should always and consistently inspire each and every one of us? Right or wrong?

Thank you for this opportunity to share my understanding with all who read this. My name is Charles X.

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