Good Time

By: Charles A. Jackson Bey #600271

Why should good time be implemented in Michigan’s Prisons?

The reason why good time should be implemented in Michigan’s Prisons is because you give prisoners an incentive to change for the better and to do right. When a prisoner feels that they will have to do every year that they were sentenced to in a hostile environment, they become hostile in order to survive the environment.

Also having good time creates a safer work place for correctional officers and other staff members along with more safety for the prisoners, reducing the violence by giving hope to prisoners to know good behavior is rewarded. Which could result in doing lesser time and returning back to society as a productive member from not thinking and acting as the title convict while in prison.

Not only does good time change the behavior of most prisoners, but it also allows us to become more involved in our rehabilitation. By taking more programs and taking educational matters more seriously, along with maintaining a job while incarcerated knowing good time is earned for being a productive prisoner while incarcerated.

This cuts down on theft within the MDOC food service jobs for prisoners due to the fact prisoners would know catching a theft ticket for stolen merchandise would result in a loss of good time. Saving food service millions of dollars from products not coming up stolen at an alarming rate.

This also cuts down on the amount of ticket misconducts being written on prisoners because more individuals would be involved in obtaining freedom and would choose to follow the rules in order to avoid loss of good time. Now this allows more people to return to their families a better person, helps cuts the prison population down and help cut the MDOC’s 2 billion dollar budget deficit down to an all-time low.

Michigan knows good time should be implemented throughout their entire incarceration system because they are one of the only states that are behind in regards to prison reform along with the utilization of good time. And that locking individuals up for a significant amount of time cripples the economy from warehousing prisoners through tax payer dollars just being misused that could be directed towards keeping ex-offenders free instead of keeping us locked away.

The lifer’s public safety stated:

Crime is a social disease that persistently plagues American society, an epidemic so widespread that almost every American citizen will either be personally touched by it or know someone who has been during the course of his or her lifetime.
Crime in all its varied forms is more deadly and prevalent than AIDS or any other form of disease currently known to afflict humans. It sabotages the safety and wellbeing of Americans of all races, classes, and educational levels.

The ever-increasing resources required to identify, convict, subsequently house, clothe and feed those convicted of criminal offenses siphons needed assets from vital social services and programs. Yet, despite the exponential growth of prison populations, harsher sentences, tough-on-crime policies, and rapid new construction, the problem of crime persists.

So my question would be: why shouldn’t good time be implemented in Michigan’s prisons? Since it will only help bring about real change!!!

Feel free to contact me through j-pay or by writing to:
Charles A. Jackson Bey
Thumb Correctional Facility
3225 John Conley Dr.
Lapeer, MI 48446

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