An Exhilarating Conversation

In The Name Of Allah The Beneficent The Merciful. Greetings brothers. My name is Ajovi X , and I’m here to give you my topic in the month of April. The question that was asked pertaining to the 3 individuals who are now gone (deceased). I only have 2 that I would love to talk to and why these are two great individuals:

1.) Master Fard Muhammad

2.) The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad

For me to be able to sit in front of the man himself who is Allah in person; Master Fard Muhammad would be an exhilarating moment, better than life itself. I would love to sit in front of God himself and want to understand and learn to matriculate the understanding of a man into “a god”. To be able to possess and process the information of the Biblical and Qur’anic perspective of man, and put it into everyday life. To lead by example. To “ACCEPT YOUR OWN AND BE YOURSELF.” To know the way God walks, talks, listens, to possess and understanding more coherently the “99 attributes” of God Allah himself. For God himself to tell me to be a god in my universe, in my community and know how to execute the plans and motion a god should, that’s a reason to meet God himself. I’ll have to say, ALL PRAISE IS DUE TO ALLAH, for raising one in our mist to lead the lost so-called American Negro to salvation and to bring him to knowledge, wisdom, and understanding of himself.

The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad. We wouldn’t have this great man if it wasn’t for Allah in person (Master Fard Muhammad) himself traveling over 9,000 miles to teach us the word of God (Knowledge of self, God, and the devil) to deliver us from the enemies hand. This is the messenger of Allah himself. Sent to give us the true meaning of a black man, and to help obtain or mind to the highest axiom. That he is god and the only way for him to master the skills and the meaning of god is to get into the teachings of God himself. The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad has given me the medicine to live, to breath, and to understand. He’s given me the opportunity to turn my life around and to start new.

I thank these two great leaders, teachers, and guides for matriculating me into the god that I am today. To represent todays black youth in the struggle for freedom, justice, equality, and Islam.

Sincerely, Ajovi X

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