Dark Freedom

Written on 3-17-16


Dark Freedom is the very first poem I wrote incarcerated. It took me a while to get out of the writer’s block I was in. Even though this is my first prison sentence, I was thinking about the times when I did county time and coming home to absolutely nothing and nobody. Then I thought about the people that died. So basically when I was free, I had the same exact feeling as if I were in prison and/or dead. There was no difference. I was very depressed when I wrote this.

Dark Freedom

When you die you’re placed inside a dark hole.
Everyone you ever knew moved on.
Months pass and they slowly stop talking about you.
Years pass and the memories of you slowly vanish. Old pics of you cease to be viewed, everything you owned disappeared.
No letters, no calls, no one, just darkness.
No good times, no bad times, no more time, just darkness. Nothing exists except the damage you left behind, and even that gets forgotten overtime.

When you’re released from prison, you reside inside a dark hole.
Everyone you ever knew moved on…..

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