Written on 11-3-16


A lot of people say home is where the heart is, I agree. But home can also be where the pain are suffering are. Sometimes people forget that a lot of pieces play a part of the way a person is. In this piece I wanted to show the other side of what my hometown provided me. I used an old traditional style to write this because I didn’t wanna go into long drawn out details and I thought it fits perfect for the idea.


C is for the Chains the streets had on me.
H is for the Hell my desires provided me.
I is for the Innocence that disappeared the minute I learned to walk and speak.
C is for the Chaos my family instilled in me.
A is for my Agony.
G is for every Girl who smiled and lied to me.
O, you didn’t know, that is what’s left of me.
Sweet home Chicago, it will never be..!


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